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Topics I've Started

  1. Merritt Results

    Posted 19 Aug 2018

    Merritt Results 8/18/2018
    Mods Chad Bauer
    BMods Scott Payton
    Pro Stocks Rob Westergard
    Factory Stocks Rick Spencer
    LS Johnny Roberts
    6Cly Craig Nichols
    4Cly Danelle Robinson
  2. Tri City Results

    Posted 18 Aug 2018

    Tri City Results 8/17/2018
    Late Models Timmy Fear the Near
    Mods Nate Jones
    Pro Stocks Chris Malek
    Street Stocks Jake Thompson
    Bomber Stocks Josh Charbonneau
    Mini Wedge 6/9 Kyron Deshaneo
    Mini Wedge 10/14 Easton Murray

    Season Champions
    Late Models Andrew Terrill 3 in a row
    Modifieds Nate Jones
    Pro Stocks Kendall Morrison
    Street Stocks Eric Lake 2 in a row
    Bomber Stocks John Stazak
    Mini Wedge 6/9 Addison Clink
    Mini Wedge 10/14 Cole Doty
  3. Whittemore Hot Shoe 100 results

    Posted 12 Aug 2018

    Whittemore Hot Shoe 100 Results8/11/2018
    Mods A Main Brian Nester
    ABC A Main Adam Rowe
    FWD A Main Matt Williams
  4. Tri City Results

    Posted 10 Aug 2018

    Tri City Results
    Late Models Derrick Hiliaker
    Mods Nate Jones
    Pro Stocks Rob Wesrergard
    Street Stocks Kyle Thomas
    Bomber John Stazak
    Mini Wedge 6/9 Brennan Deshaneo
    Mini Wedge 10/14 Caden Anderson
  5. Sikver Bullitt Results

    Posted 5 Aug 2018

    Silver Bulliet Results 8/4/2018
    Mods Matt Szecodi
    Pro Stocks Randy Radabaugh
    M Street Stocks Dustin Barlow
    Bullet Stocks Jason Bergman
    Road Warriors Don Frohm
    Mini Wedge Addison Clink

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Touring series champion
67 years old
January 23, 1951

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