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  1. In Topic: Taking the plunge

    Posted 20 May 2018

    So I finally took the next step...put a different gear in her, added a spoiler and mirror and bought a radio system. Got her through tech at Toledo.....30 minutes before practice the rains came...so close!
  2. In Topic: Taking the plunge

    Posted 4 Mar 2018

    View PostExit82, on 27 February 2018 - 08:46 PM, said:

    Glad to hear you got on the track! Having a blast I hope?

    I am late to the party here but glad to see this forum back up and running!!!

    It's been fun, scary, frustrating, and expensive....am i doing it right?...lol
  3. In Topic: Taking the plunge

    Posted 8 Dec 2017

    View PostExit82, on 02 November 2012 - 10:24 AM, said:


    Trust me, all these guys are not try to mess up your dream, they're trying to save you a headache! :biggrin:/>/>

    I've been there and I have made the mistakes and learned my lessons the hard way, they are just trying to help you take shortcuts to realize your dream based on what they've already learned from their experiences.

    As you will learn, EVEN just being out there and running in the back takes a lot more than what the averge Joe or casual fan realizes.

    To me, it doesn't matter what division you start in, if you want a late model, then do it.

    But the best advice I have seen so far is to get hooked up with a team and learn basic chassis setup from someone who already has the knowledge and to buy yourself a race ready competetive car at the track. (You will win in the long run by purchasing race ready IMO.

    The advice that I haven't seen given (Maybe I missed it) is that when you get your car, go to the track on test days and practice all you can. Don't make the mistake I did of going to the track and racing without ever being in a racecar or on a racetrack before. lol (You can probably guess how that went).

    I didn't do quite as bold as you.....my first 2 laps ever were qualifying.....you can guess how that went by the first thing my "crew chief asked when I came in:"Did you even put it in high gear?!"....lol
  4. In Topic: Taking the plunge

    Posted 4 Dec 2017

    View Postfastbackss, on 04 December 2017 - 07:11 AM, said:

    Well you need to give more information than that :biggrin:/>

    That was a bit short wasn't it?
    June of '16 I bought a Flatrock SS....car has been around forever and I'd heard some good things about it. Driver is lacking but getting better and with a lot of help from some experienced people I think we'll have it running top 10 A main this year. (If I can fight the urge to go up in that 3rd lane no one is using!...lol)
    My biggest surprise, aside from the fact that a trailer is harder to find than I thought, is that almost every other driver and team will help and give advice to the new guy! Granted, I went in humble and freely admitted I knew nothing, but the people couldn't be nicer.
    Being on the other side of the fence is definitely a different place.
  5. In Topic: Taking the plunge

    Posted 3 Dec 2017

    Well, it took almost 4 more years, but I finally made it out there!
    Glad this forum is back

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