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Icon   mod911 the phrase"no competitive advantage" killed racing

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  1. In Topic: another round

    Posted 31 Oct 2018

    Most of them...same non rules. I only got a few years left I suppose but I wanna not spend my medi-care money on over priced under paid race car. A few simple rules would even out stuff for the guys who race for fun. Lets add weight to the fancy cars. Why spend tons on a car that cannot beat an economy car should be our motto. All this "non competitive" stuff killed off the fun racer. If it is NO advantage why buy it?

    non stock steering add 100 pounds
    non stock hubs add 50 pounds
    over $159 shocks add 50 pounds
    reverse mount starter add 20 pounds]
    20 laps on new tires to qualify with them
    shift-able trans add 50 pounds if you shift it on starts
    lightened block add that 50 pounds back
    make it so the IMCA legal car has a chance like it was supposed to be.

    IF you want a super,get one and leave economy races alone

    think track owners, want 40 mods? Scale back the rules or just add weight until they can run competitively. Spartan used to be FULL and I had to park on the fence line out back cause I am always late Friday night now the cement slabs are rarely full.......wonder why....cause you made it that way....fix it.
    Jeff Parish can do it.....
  2. In Topic: Front Screw Jack (Cost Driver or Just Continence)

    Posted 18 Sep 2018

    Screw jacks save time and money....always keep them. The alternatives just cost more and are a hassle to use.
  3. In Topic: Question for Engine Builders

    Posted 17 Sep 2018

    Then there would be 500 inch small blocks built. No way racers will go for cost control measures. We will kill the sport before that is allowed to happen.....
  4. In Topic: What is up.

    Posted 4 Sep 2018

    I drove down there and missed practice,had to make some adjustments on my new motor. Then I had my neighbor set my timing ahead 4* but it was set at 26 not 36 as I wanted so it was a turd for the b and I made it to 5th spot...It rained and we seen a tornado north of the track and the concessions lady hit the ground and got hauled away by the ambulance crew....The burgers were DELICIOUS and cost $3.50 so me and my dog ate a bunch of them. Water was 1$. Everyone was nice as can be except the fat bstrd on the cart.....rude moron and he should be escorted away....I almost slapped him off the cart.....
    I ran the same tires both nites and the inside had about 200 laps and the outsides had about 130 laps starting the race Sunday and that was no problem as far as I could tell but the brake fluid leaking from the cylinders on my feet and no pedal from about lap 40 on was a problem until I picked up a miss and it seems one rocker stud pulled the threads out of the head and the lifters were laying in the valley but I made it to the end....It seems I spun some cars who like to chop,drove over one and took one off the end of Angola with me since he was banging me hard down the backstretch,after about the fourth hit he pushed me into the car ahead of me so I locked em up and off the end of the track into the mud and gravel we went. I have it on video,he left the track and was done....We had several laps to pass one car and he dirty drove me so off with his head.....With 26* of timing on E-85 you are not going anywhere anyway....Shudda done it myself but I could not find my specs......Was fun anyway and I got er done,Angola was on my bucket list since I like the track....and thanks to my neighbors who helped me greatly as soon as they saw I was alone. They made it possible to get in the race...great young folks there and at most tracks. No pussy hats types around racing...
    I had to pullin at Spartan after running over top of the 55 car and had to pit since the front right was sitting low but the safety crew brought me my rear spring and I stuck it in and went back out after I heard someone had 3 laps for a flat,I just made it back out and it was a little off then the brakes went ,then a motor miss a few laps before the end....I had enough E-85 for 30 more laps at least and started with 16 gallons in my tank.To the top it was......Cost me about $26 for the race fuel and I was down for power to no one....Yes I have a compression motor too.....Passed many $8 a gallon gas cars too.....Lost 6 pounds living on the racer diet for 3 days......At 63 and by myself I feel satisfied as if I had won.....
  5. In Topic: What is up.

    Posted 31 Aug 2018

    Ed, we used to run JUNK yard tires ONLY....BUT some said you have better junk yard tires than me ........SERIOUSLY.....so we all had to buy Cooper tires and run them, they "they" said that your cooper tires are better than mine.....then IMCA had some awesome tires that we ran down to where the second and fifth treads were to cords then scrap them....so we quit IMCA....and went to fater wearing tires and complained ever since....
    Angola says if you have PRO WB OR TA shocks you get 100 pound weight break...if they cost under $150 racer cost....they are making expensive parts a disadvantage not an advantage....I say add 50 pounds for non stock center link, 50 pounds for non stock brakes too...no fab clips I do believe either. They have come to their senses and quit catering to the few....I may head down there tomorrow if I can....They penalize the expensive stuff like should have been done when the supers were killed off by themselves and dragged all their expensive stuff with them into the mod class and the proomters let them with the "no competitive advantage clause"....An iron motor super with a 200 pound weight break may just bring some of them back around....or more if needed....

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