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  1. In Topic: UMP testing CT525 crate

    Posted 19 Jan 2018

    IDK about dirt, but 525 hp in an asphalt mod, on our local tracks....would be about enough power to negate the advantage of trying to cheat by modifying it. I like that. I dislike underpowered crate motors where a little bit of cheatwork can be hooked up to make real speed. Do these crate option organizations and tracks running nowadays take fuel samples like they should?

  2. In Topic: Asphalt Mods Association

    Posted 19 Jan 2018

    This "group" isn't going to do anything besides cost us all more money. I cannot support it. Nobody who is trying to race on a budget should support it. Vocalize your concerns or forever keep silent.

    If you don't want mods to go the route of the outlaw latemodel, call your local track and let them know where you stand. Tell them that you need a rules package that stops the transition to fenderless latemodels, and resets things to the way they would be without all these latemodel drivers bringing in their fancy parts. Just because you had them laying around, does not make them free.... It does not cost you "nothing" to use them. Someone paid for them new at one point, and every time they break, they will cost that amount AGAIN.

    I tried to stick up for us all, but unfortunately I failed. Maybe someone else can do better, but it's like a rabbit going against a pack of wolves, and I don't have the ability to stay as calm as I used to when I get attacked from multiple angles, or when the leader guy makes several inflammatory remarks to me.


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    MaddMike Icon

    09 Sep 2012 - 11:02
    glad to be of assistance. Woulda hated to see you not race because of such a simple failure and it makes my time at the track more worthwhile.
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    captain36 Icon

    09 Sep 2012 - 09:36
    Thanks for all your help last nite, I really appreciate it. If you ever need my help dont hesitate to ask... Thanks again
    Matt Kirchen #36
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    18 Mar 2007 - 15:36
    Welcome Aboard!!!
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