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  1. In Topic: Chili Bowl

    Posted 10 Jan 2018

    Dan probably has as good of a shot as anyone from Michigan has had, and he has some good equipment driving for Sam Hafertepe. He's doing good for his first time racing anything but a sprinter.
  2. In Topic: Liability Waviers

    Posted 19 Dec 2017

    I think everyone missed the key points in this. It's not time for mass hysteria yet.

    1. this was a pre-trial motion to dismiss based on the waiver (meaning that they arent going to throw it out without hearing the trial)
    2. it was dismissed due to the claim of negligence

    Whether you want to admit it or not, you want #2 to happen, imagine if you were to sign a waiver at your local hospital when you go in for a routine procedure... and you come out of it with an unwanted sex change. (negligence)

    No one should worry, insurance companies expect this to happen. If they don't, then they need new legal council.
  3. In Topic: RR Shock Travel Dirt Modified

    Posted 30 Nov 2017

    View Postratracer49, on 24 November 2017 - 08:50 AM, said:

    Shaft displacement is what I was thinking. It's the easiest to verify with the travel indicator. I know there's a number of factors that will make the axle travel different with the same shock travel. I'm getting a little less then 3" compression at the shock. I'm not getting a balanced weight transfer and think I need to free up the rear a bit more.

    I usually see closer to 4" on the "travel indicator" and around 3.5" reading the dirt ring. I probably trail brake too much and keep the car up on the LR forcing it inactive while the RR moves.
  4. In Topic: Asphalt tracks & Tires

    Posted 30 Nov 2017

    Great story. Tire debates always get the blood flowing. :)

    I went to a race at Owosso this summer for the first time in probably 4years. 3 things blew me away: how fast the cars were through the corners, how few of them there were, and how insanely large the tires looked compared to what I'm now used to.

    If I were king for a day I'd do 2 things:

    Put everything but a latemodel on the slowest and hardest tires I could find in the catalog. (something like a Hoosier Comanche) The cars will slow down, slide around more, there might be more cautions... but the racing will be closer and cheaper. All the drivers will probably hate the tire, and the fastest car will still win.

    Then I would mandate a 6500rpm chip rule. Draconian policing of the ignition and chip would be required, and expected, for this to work. The cream of the crop in engine tech will still have an advantage, but how much?

    Realistically, ideas like this are too far from anyone's comfort zone. It couldn't work because they'd never be adopted at every track simultaneously.
  5. In Topic: RR Shock Travel Dirt Modified

    Posted 21 Nov 2017

    not trying to be a pain, but are you looking for the shaft displacement? (axle movement + birdcage index) or just the axle movement relative to the chassis?

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