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  1. In Topic: TRi City Results

    Posted 11 Jul 2018

    Congrats Gavin!
  2. In Topic: Chad Finley Nascar Truck Series Debut

    Posted 26 Jun 2018

    Nice job this past weekend!
  3. In Topic: In The Age of FB, Is A Website Worth Having?

    Posted 22 Jun 2018

    Thanks for the reply gents - I would prefer not to "out" the track. (It isn't CMS for what it's worth...)

    I don't like there being bad publicity if I can avoid it. Tracks have it hard enough as it is, even when much of it is self-inflicted. (That is why I appreciate some of the "bigger picture" threads that have been on this site.

    Have a good (and safe) racing weekend.
  4. In Topic: In The Age of FB, Is A Website Worth Having?

    Posted 22 Jun 2018

    Trying to head to a track this coming weekend. Part of this is because the little one has been harassing me since I haven't taken him this year.

    I know every track has a different policy for kids in the pits. As such I wanted to confirm before we drive a long distance (longer than he wanted) before we get there and I find out that I needed a form signed by his mom (who will not be attending).

    I go to the track website and there is nothing explicit. There is a reference to kids being allowed in the pits.

    I call the phone number on the website. It is now on the 3rd day and I have not received a reply.
    I e-mailed the address on the website for the track. The e-mail address bounced.
    Website says another contact method is to message them on FB. Little difficult without a FB account. I am getting to the point that I think I will create a dummy account, just so I can get information and not have to deal with the "public FB" pages where they put a giant box over half the screen.

  5. In Topic: Money in the Bank

    Posted 11 Jun 2018

    Nice to see a Michigan guy (Brian Campbell) keep the cash.

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