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Hot Topic (New) Icon Trying to reopen a door
Figure 8 racing at Spartan
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With Dixie's unfortunate and untimely closing, I think it'd be great...

Posted on Jul 15 2013 08:15 AM by pmcnamara

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New Replies Icon Drag Racers BRINGING IT! at Springport
Come Get Some Of This !!!
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I guess you'll have to go to http://www.facebook.com/springportmotorspeedway to watch that...

Posted on Sep 09 2012 10:36 AM by pmcnamara

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Hot Topic (New) Icon HARVEST 300 PLUS TIME LINE
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How about run it C-B-A; and instead of the normal procedure...

Posted on Aug 30 2012 01:30 PM by pmcnamara

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Hot Topic (New) Icon The Best People in Racing need your support
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Do more fans attend a bigger purse event featuring a weekly class of cars?

Posted on Aug 19 2012 03:40 PM by pmcnamara

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New Replies Icon where to buy neon wheels?
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Bassett mass manufacturers these now. http://www.bassettwheel.com/14x7_14x8_dhole.html You can order them from Lane and get them in a day or two.

Posted on Jul 16 2012 11:39 AM by pmcnamara

Tech Talk vikingsandpintos Icon
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