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  1. Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 5-4-18

    Posted 4 May 2018

    Butler, Monge, Larner, Kretzinger, Surgener, and Bailey Take Corrigan Oil Speedway Feature Events

    By Duane Turner, Mason, MI: Leroy Butler took the lead on lap 10 and never looked back en route to his win in the Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds. Tony Monge had to pass for the lead three times to finally claim the win in the Sawyers Superstore Michigan Legends feature. The Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks saw William Larner win the Outlaw feature, while Randy Kretzinger Jr took the stock feature. Mason Surgener was awarded the victory in the Parts Place Napa Bandolero Bandit feature, and Caiden Bailey won the Junior Bandits.

    The Parts Place Napa Junior Bandits would take to the track first. Logan Long takes the early lead with Caiden Bailey close behind. As the duo raced in to turn four, Bailey uses a slide job to take the lead. The 12-lap feature went non-stop with Bailey taking the win. Long and Katie Martin are the top three. In the Senior Bandit feature, Alex Hartwig from Portage, WI grabs the lead at the drop of the green as Mason Surgener takes second from Karter Stark. At the halfway point, Hartwig and Surgener continue to run nose to tail. With two laps to go, Surgener closes in on the rear bumper of Hartwig, but cannot complete the pass as Hartwig takes the win over Surgener, and Stark. In post-race inspection, the car of Hartwig did not pass, handing the win to Surgener.

    Bill Butler led the Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds to the drop of the green flag. Bill Butler grabs the early lead as caution waves after one lap. On the restart, Bill Heeney Jr takes the lead from the outside as caution waves again after lap two. On the restart, Heeney Jr takes off to a sizable lead as Leroy Butler takes over second. By lap six, Leroy Butler catches Heeney Jr for the lead, as caution waves again. When the race continued, Jason Parish catches the lead duo to make it a three-car race for the lead. On lap 10, Leroy Butler slips by Heeney Jr to take the lead. On lap 14, Jason Parish takes over second, with Jim Butler following in to third. With ten laps to go, the top three distanced themselves from the rest of the field. At the finish, Leroy Butler takes the win, followed by Jason Parish and Jim Butler in the top three.

    The Sawyers Superstore Michigan Legends feature started with Josh Indig and Ray Janisse Jr making contact in turn three, ending both of their evenings. On the restart, Greg Rudzik takes the point, as Rich Michalak and Tony Monge are second and third. One lap later, Monge takes over second, and looks to catch Rudzik. On lap seven, Monge catches Rudzik as the duo battle for the lead. Just one lap later, Monge slips to the bottom in turn three and takes the lead. On lap 12, Rudzik retakes the lead in turn one as Monge gets tight in turn two. On lap 14, Monge goes back to the lead in turn three, as Rudzik keeps pace with ten laps to go. With five laps to go, Monge begins to pull away as caution waves for Rich Michalak. On the restart, Rudzik takes the lead with four to go, and the caution waves again with two laps to go. The final restart, Monge noses ahead at the white flag, and takes the win by just a nose at the finish line. Rudzik is second while Tyler Mackenzie is third.

    The Boss Snow Equipment Outlaw Pony Stocks saw William Larner jump out to the early lead. Ryan Hollister followed in second with DJ Marciniak in third. As the race wound down, Larner increased his lead, and takes the win. Hollister was second, followed by Marciniak in third. In the pony stock feature, Ken Dollarhite Jr grabbed the early lead, but Randy Kretzinger Jr takes over on lap two. Wayne Parkhurst II settles in to third on lap four. On lap six, Jimmy Burchett takes over third, and closes in on Dollarhite for second. On lap nine, contact between Burchett and Dollarhite moves Burchett in to second, and Parkhurst takes advantage to retake third. In the meantime, Kretzinger has pulled away, and dominates the feature event. Dollarhite holds on for second, with Parkhurst in third.

    Up next at “The Track The Stars Call Home”, another Special Spring Pricing Event. On Friday, May 11th, the Performance Automotive Northwest Spartan Stocks, Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks, and Sawyers Superstore Michigan Legends to will take to the ¼ mile of Corrigan Oil Speedway. For more information, log on to the official website at www.corriganoilspeedway.com.
  2. Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 4-27-18

    Posted 28 Apr 2018

    Monge, Surgener, Bauer, Jenkins, Larner and Kretzinger Jr are Victorious at Corrigan Oil Speedway

    By Duane Turner, Mason, MI: With the winter season finally breaking in to spring, Corrigan Oil Speedway came to life for the 2018 racing season. Mason Surgener picked up where he left off in 2017 with his win in The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros. Tony Monge was away from driving for a couple years, but showed he did not forget where victory lane was with his win in the Sawyers Superstore Michigan legends. William Larner ran away and hid from the field in the Boss Snow Equipment Outlaw Pony stocks, while Randy Kretzinger Jr led flag to flag in the pony stock class. In the Performance Automotive Northwest Spartan Stocks, Bob Bauer took the "A" class win after a back and forth battle with Scott Pemberton. In the "B" class, Nate Jenkins held on for the win after a great battle with Jamie Larner.

    Up first for Corrigan Oil Speedway in the 2018 racing season, The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros feature. At the drop of the green, Mason Surgener quickly jumps out to the lead. Caiden Bailey and Logan long battle for second as Katie Martin is fourth. With the laps winding down, Surgener increases his lead, and picks up where he left off in 2017 with a win. Caiden Bailey was second, with Logan Long, and Katie Martin in the top four.

    The Performance Automotive Southwest Spartan Stock "A" feature saw Lex Jarecki take the early lead with Troy Andrews right beside him as the caution waved on lap two. When the race resumed, Scott Sigman took over second, followed by Bob Bauer in third. On lap six, Bauer took second away from Sigman, then took the lead on lap 10. Fast timer Scott Pemberton tries to keep pace as he takes over second one lap later. Caution on lap 14 for Scott Sigman would force him pit-side. On the restart, Bauer sets the pace with Pemberton in tow. On lap 20, Pemberton uses the high-side to take over the lead. With five to go, Bauer gets under Pemberton as the duo race side by side for the lead. With three to go, Bauer takes command, and holds on for the win over Pemberton, Jarecki, John Ward Jr, and Andrews. In the "B" Feature, Nate Jenkins jumps to the early lead, but Jamie Larner takes over on lap four. With 10 laps to go, Jenkins catches Larner as they race side by side, with each taking turns leading laps. With five to go, Larner gets loose in turn two, allowing Jenkins to pull away. At the finish, Jenkins takes the win with Larner a close second. Art Pitchford, Robert Blandino, and Tom Goward round out the top five.

    DJ Marciniak led the Boss Snow Equipment Outlaw Pony Stocks to the green flag. On lap four, William Larner takes the lead from Marciniak as Ryan Hollister moves in to third. An intense battle between Marciniak and Hollister for second during the middle of the race, with Hollister finally getting the position on lap 17. At the finish, William Larner takes the win, with Hollister, DJ Marciniak, and Jarin Larner the top four. In the Pony stock feature, Randy Kretzinger Jr grabs the early lead, as Wayne Parkhurst II and Jimmy Burchett follow in second and third. At the half way mark, Burchett slips under Parkhurst for second. At the finish, Kretzinger takes the win, followed by Burchett and Parkhurst.

    Ed Genord set the early pace in the Sawyers Superstore Michigan Legends feature event. Kenny Howard took the lead on lap three, as Tony Monge follows in to second. Monge takes over command just two laps later, but Howard takes it back on the next circuit as caution waves. On the restart, Monge grabs the top position with Howard in second, as Rich Michalak takes third. With five laps to go, Howard slows down, and heads to the pits handing second to Michalak. At the finish, Monge dominates in his return to racing driving for Lori and Lyn Hall. Michalak holds on for second, with Tyler MacKenzie in third.

    Up next at “The Track the Stars Call Home”, Friday, May 4th, will highlight a return of the modifieds. The Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds will hit the track for the first time in 2018, along with the Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks, Sawyers Superstore Michigan Legends, and The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros. For more information, log on to the official website at www.corriganoilspeedway.com.

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