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Icon   mod911 the phrase"no competitive advantage" killed racing

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  1. In Topic: Owosso Speedway

    Posted 20 Mar 2019

    Maybe that is ONE reason for going dirt. Plenty more but there is one.....everyone who went dirt will never go tar again.so they tell me....flimsy shows and car counts do not attract spectators. I won't drive around the block to watch 2bbl "supers". Dirt supers do not run 2bbl carbs on the chip......what a shame,same ol same ol....plus being a flattened out looking Lumina...after 40 years of free towing out there and 38 years racing what would I know....and 42 years in business.....a few more will come and go before I kick the bucket....I hope...already past my family life expectancy....
  2. In Topic: Owosso Speedway

    Posted 20 Mar 2019

    I hear only 8 mods races this year???? Not even close to a season for full time racers....The new owners need some coaching but I am sure they will ask the wrong people and the same thing will happen. 50 cars total for 4,5,6 or classes.

    MY suggestion, supers on 11 inch slicks,then sell them to street stock guys and let them have REAL race cars. Have 3 STRONG,COMPETITIVE classes with guest classes occasionally. The mods are out of control and I will skip Saturday night racing on tar most likely and I am looking for a dirt car for Saturday nights. Since more people from Owosso go to Crystal on Saturday night anyway. I see more folks I know up there than at Owosso. They are packed full all the time and its an exciting atmosphere like we used to have here in Owosso. Now its been kinda boring watching the same 6 to 8 cars race weekly. Empty track time chased everyone away. Hire Ricky Brooks would be the best thing...lol.....enforce the rules or cross them out.....
    The Neons used to be a good show until they let them go stupid also...sectioning your frame to get better angles was wrong but it happened didn't it....NO experienced driver can get in one on race night,be new or be gone.....beginner classes are for beginners,not nascar wanna be's....

    I am sure the same losers who advised the last dozen owners is also at work now so nothing will change....family and friends deserve an advantage so I was told......
  3. In Topic: another round

    Posted 31 Oct 2018

    Most of them...same non rules. I only got a few years left I suppose but I wanna not spend my medi-care money on over priced under paid race car. A few simple rules would even out stuff for the guys who race for fun. Lets add weight to the fancy cars. Why spend tons on a car that cannot beat an economy car should be our motto. All this "non competitive" stuff killed off the fun racer. If it is NO advantage why buy it?

    non stock steering add 100 pounds
    non stock hubs add 50 pounds
    over $159 shocks add 50 pounds
    reverse mount starter add 20 pounds]
    20 laps on new tires to qualify with them
    shift-able trans add 50 pounds if you shift it on starts
    lightened block add that 50 pounds back
    make it so the IMCA legal car has a chance like it was supposed to be.

    IF you want a super,get one and leave economy races alone

    think track owners, want 40 mods? Scale back the rules or just add weight until they can run competitively. Spartan used to be FULL and I had to park on the fence line out back cause I am always late Friday night now the cement slabs are rarely full.......wonder why....cause you made it that way....fix it.
    Jeff Parish can do it.....
  4. In Topic: Front Screw Jack (Cost Driver or Just Continence)

    Posted 18 Sep 2018

    Screw jacks save time and money....always keep them. The alternatives just cost more and are a hassle to use.
  5. In Topic: Question for Engine Builders

    Posted 17 Sep 2018

    Then there would be 500 inch small blocks built. No way racers will go for cost control measures. We will kill the sport before that is allowed to happen.....

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