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  1. In Topic: RR Shock Travel Dirt Modified

    Posted 21 Nov 2017

    not trying to be a pain, but are you looking for the shaft displacement? (axle movement + birdcage index) or just the axle movement relative to the chassis?
  2. In Topic: Cool Cars for Sale

    Posted 14 Nov 2017

    I have a regular GN, not a GNX. $150 is probably close given the low serial number and everything.
  3. In Topic: New Web Based Talk Show???

    Posted 10 Nov 2017

    yes I think more content is always a good thing... on the other hand...

    I think the "Radio Talk Show" format is a little dated. Not to downplay the radio format, I know Larry used to bust ass to bring us that and we all loved it (and him), but I think a modern internet channel with highlights and commentary is the way of the future.

    Here's a great example of how Attica produces videos, I think a condensed set of highlights and interviews in a weekly show would be awesome. https://www.youtube....h?v=K5rNTNdxS3M
  4. In Topic: Track Owner: Change is needed to stay in business

    Posted 26 Oct 2017

    doesnt rezoning mean they lose tax exemptions?

  5. In Topic: 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang

    Posted 25 Oct 2017

    My dad had a 68(?) GT 500 KR, 428SCJ. Towed a 2 place motorcycle trailer and all of his stuff to California when he was racing out there in the 70s and working in a street light factory.

    Pretty crazy to think of one of the most rare and valuable cars in American history... with a trailer hitch on it.

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