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  1. In Topic: Liability Waviers

    Posted 18 Dec 2017

    Is it really any big surprise? I've heard for years that that waiver wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. Any decent lawyer knows with a little judge shopping you can get anything into the courts and get a favorable ruling. Then it's just a matter of rather or not it holds up in the appeals process. Which by that point the lawyer's made his money so what does he care if it's overturned.
  2. In Topic: 24-hour enduro at Baer Field

    Posted 11 Dec 2017

    Stock gas tank? I understand the idea of not not wanting someone to try and pack a car full of fuel with over sized tanks to limit stops, but no fuel cell? Am I being overly cynical on thinking stock gas tanks are a hazard in this type of race?

    Otherwise it looks like it could be a blast and I hope they make a good go of it. As for the spectating sounds like it could be a fun camping trip where you had a home base to go back to and go back and forth to watch at your leisure.
  3. In Topic: RR Shock Travel Dirt Modified

    Posted 5 Dec 2017

    Thanks Gavin. So it looks like splitting the up and down travel on a 9" shock should be acceptable. I wasn't sure if it might be just the opposite as the right rear where you have more down travel than up on the shock.
  4. In Topic: RR Shock Travel Dirt Modified

    Posted 24 Nov 2017

    Shaft displacement is what I was thinking. It's the easiest to verify with the travel indicator. I know there's a number of factors that will make the axle travel different with the same shock travel. I'm getting a little less then 3" compression at the shock. I'm not getting a balanced weight transfer and think I need to free up the rear a bit more.
  5. In Topic: What's Your Winter Project?

    Posted 3 Nov 2017

    Two projects going using old junk laying around the shop. Some newer equipment would be nice, but sticking with the low cost labor intensive routes.

    Project #1 Modified

    Attached File  MOD.jpg (99.91K)
    Number of downloads: 8

    New bumper is made and installed just some sheet metal work to be mechanically complete. However I still have a lot of work to do on getting the setup right. This is an old car that I completely redid the front and rear suspension on (including mount points) over last year and due to life was only able to get it done and out the last 2 races of the year. Problem is it's not a "brand name" chassis so no help from a builder and honestly I'm still trying to figure these cars out. My first guess at springs was off a bit I know, but 2 races is not enough to dial in a "new" car (maybe if I knew what I was doing). Really have a lot of thinking on this to see what setups I want to test and have them ready for test and tune in the spring.

    Project #2 Street Stock

    Attached File  SSFV.jpg (73.07K)
    Number of downloads: 11

    Attached File  SSRV.jpg (87.66K)
    Number of downloads: 8

    Been sitting the last 2 years. Currently stripped down and needs completely inspected. Plan to add spring buckets to the rear and new sheet metal and get it back to looking like this.

    Attached File  SSC.jpg (117.71K)
    Number of downloads: 8

    Current plan for next year is still trying to figure out the modified. I know the rebuild was a step in the right direction, it at least feels like it's drivable now just hoping some more track time will help me figure out the setup and get some more speed out of it.

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    04 Sep 2010 - 11:24
    You guys get paid 100 to start for sportsman? Wow! I blew there doors off at the Woodtic 100 up at Merritt Speedway - they paid me 125 could not believe it that was a joke- no more season pass for myself and crew
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