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Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 8-3-18 Randy Kretzinger Jr Continues Win Streak at Corrigan Oil Speedway

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Posted 03 August 2018 - 11:18 PM

By Duane Turner, Mason, MI: Randy Kretzinger Jr out of Charlotte, MI came in to 2018 hoping to have a good season. A dominate season is what has taken place as the Pony Stock driver secured his 11th win of the 2018 racing season. In the Outlaw class, DJ Marciniak was celebrating his first win of the year. In the spartan stocks, Mike Ammerman took advantage of a late race restart to claim the “A” class, while Tim Lahar won the “B” division. Jason Parish took the lead early in the modified feature and pulled away for the checkered. In the street stock class, Mike Havens took his first win of the year while Mason Surgener and Caiden Bailey won the Bandolero main events.

In the Parts Place Napa Bandolero Division, Mason Surgener took the Bandit race. In the Junior Bandits, Logan Long led in to turn one, but Caiden Bailey fought back to lead lap one. On lap six, Long used the high-side to retake the lead. On a lap seven restart, Bailey takes the lead, and would hang on for the win.

Jordan Harvey paced the Performance Automotive Spartan Stock A feature, and lead the field to open the race. Scott Sigman grabs second and Bob Bauer follows in to third one lap later. On lap three, Sigman takes the lead as caution waves on lap four. On the restart, Sigman grabs the lead as Bauer takes second followed by Dane Long in third. On lap 15, Mike Ammerman sneaks under Long to take over third. Long take the position back on lap 18 as the duo races side by side. With ten laps to go, Long moves to the outside of Bauer to fight for second. Five laps later, Long is to the outside of Sigman in a battle for the lead, and takes it on lap 27. Ammerman follows Long in to second as the white waves. On the final lap, Sigman spins in turn three setting up a one lap dash to the finish. On the restart, Ammerman noses ahead, and takes the win. Long is second with Bauer in third.

The Performance Automotive Northwest Spartan Stock B feature, Tom Freeman takes command on lap one. Six laps in, Tim Lahar takes the lead, as Lex Jarecki takes over third. On a alp 10 restart, Troy Andrews began to pick his way forward and takes over third. One lap later, Freeman breaks loose in turn four, allowing Jarecki to move from fourth to second. Logan Haughton takes over third on lap 14 as caution waves again. On the restart, Lahar jumps back out front, but caution waves again on lap 20. On the final restart, Jarecki is able to stay with Lahar, but not make the pass as Lahar takes the win. Jarecki and Haughton are the top three.

Robert Blandino grabbed the early lead in the Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks. Mike Havens slid in to second as Scott Parisian is third. On lap five, Havens begins to pressure Blandino for the lead as the front duo pulls away from the field. On a lap 11 restart, Havens used the outside to take the lead, and quickly begins to pull away. Over the second half of the race, Haven continues to pull away, and take the win. Blandino and Robert Hiney are the top three.

The Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds saw Rob Newman take the early lead. Jim Butler fell in to second as Tim Lahar is third. On lap five, Jason Parish moves in to third, as Butler looks to the outside of Newman for the lead. Two laps later, Newman slips high, allowing Parish to take the lead from third. Newman holds on to second as Lahar takes over third, but Butler takes it back on lap ten. At the mid point of the race, Bill Heeney and Tracey Hernley move in to fourth and fifth. Heeney uses the high side to take over fourth on lap 23, then takes second on lap 26. By this time, Parish has a half track lead leaving the rest of the field to fight for second place. Hernley with a bold move on lap 31 to take over third as Parish and Heeney battle for the lead. At the finish, Parish edges Heeney with Hernley in third.

The Boss Snow Equipment Outlaw Pony Stocks had DJ Marciniak set the early pace. William Larner took over second on lap three with Ryan Hollister in third. Caution on lap eight as Hollister makes hard contact with the wall in turn two ending his race. On the restart, Larner wasted no time moving back in to second, and quickly pressures Marciniak for the lead. With the white flag in the air, Larner looks under Marciniak, but it is not enough as Marciniak takes his first win of the year. Larner settles for second. In the Pony Stock Class, Randy Kretzinger takes his 11th feature win of the year followed by Jimmy Burchett and Wayne Parkhurst Jr.

Up Next at the Corrigan Oil Speedway, it is Old Timers Night. The racing action will feature the return of the wingless sprints, modifieds, pony stocks, legends, and dwarfs. For more information, log on to the official website at www.corriganoilspeedway.com.

Event Summery:

Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks

Fast Timer: 5 Ryan Hollister 15.563

Heat Race: 1) 13 William Larner 2) 5 Ryan Hollister 3) 17 DJ Marciniak 4) 47k Randy Kretzinger Jr 5) 47p Wayne Parkhurst Jr 6) 71 Jimmy Burchett 7) 12 Scott Sparagowski

Pony Stock Feature: 1) 47 Randy Kretzinger Jr 2) 71 Jimmy Burchett 3) 47 Wayne Parkhurst Jr 4) 15 Mark Goebel

Outlaw Feature 1) 17 DJ Marciniak 2) 13 William Larner 3) Ryan Hollister

Performance Automotive Northwest Spartan Stocks

Fast Time: 16 Mike Ammerman 13.889

Heat Race #1: 1) 44 Tom Freeman Jr 2) 24 Lex Jarecki 3) 1 Troy Andrews 4) 0 Max Price 5) 12 Tom Williams 6) 36 Jon Parish 7) 20 Tim Lahar 8.) 52 Logan Haughton

Heat Race #2: 1) 16 Mike Ammerman 2) 07 Jordan Harvey 3) 2 Bob Bauer 4) 47 John Ward Jr 5) 7l Dane Long 6) 88 Scott Sigman

A-Feature: 1) 16 Mike Ammerman 2) 7 Dane Long 3) 2 Bob Bauer 4) 07 Jordan Harvey 5) 88 Scott Sigman 6) 42 Nate Jenkins 7) 47 John Ward Jr

B-Feature: 1) 20 Tim Lahar 2) 24 Lex Jarecki 3) m52 Logan Haughton 4) 1 Troy Andrews 5) 12 Tom Williams 6) 44 Tom Freeman Jr 7) 36 Jon Parish 8.) 0 Max Price

Performance Automotive Street Stocks

Fast Time: 145 Mike Havens 14.466

Heat Race #1: 1) 145 Mike Havens 2) 27 Scott Parisan 3) 88 Robert Blandino 4) 15 Robert Hiney

Feature: 1) 145 Mike Havens 2) 88 Robert Blandino 3) 15 Robert Hiney 4) 27 Scott Parisian

Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds

Fast Time: 81 Tracey Hernley 13.686

Heat Race #1: 1) 88 Evan Barrett 2) 47 Bill Heeney Jr 3) 93 Curtis Spencer 4) 63 Tim Easey 5) 13 Kirk Newland 6) 5 Mike Westphal 7) 55 Erich Harvey

Heat Race #2: 1) 98 Rob Newman 2) 31 Jason Parish 3) m3 Jim Butler 4) 20 Tim Lahar 5) m1 Bill Butler 6) 72 Dan Loughan 7) 7 Dominique VanWierigen 8.) 81 Tracey Hernley

Feature: 1) 31 Jason Parish 2) 47 Bill Heeney Jr 3) 81 Tracey Hernley 4) 98 Rob Newman 5) m2 Jim Butler 6) 20 Tim Lahar 7) 63 Tim Easey 8.) 72 Dan Loughan 9) m1 Bill Butler 10) 13n Kirk Newland 11) 5 Mike Westphal 12) 55 Erich Harvey 13) 7 Dominique VanWierigen 14) 93 Curtis Spencer 15) 88 Evan Barrett

The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros

Junior Bandit Heat Race: 1) 7 Logan Long 2) 4 Caiden bailey

Bandit Heat Race: 1) 42 Mason Surgener

Junior Bandit Feature: 1) 4 Caiden Bailey 2) 7 Logan Long

Bandit Feature: 1) 42 Mason Surgener
Duane Turner
Morrice, MI

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