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  1. In Topic: New Web Based Talk Show???

    Posted 9 May 2018

    another great example by guys right in our area

  2. In Topic: Chili Bowl

    Posted 26 Jan 2018

    YouTube recap of Dan's chili bowl. https://youtu.be/kb4ZeElAWmM

    This is a pretty cool series that Attica is doing with Dan and Kate. Real tracks really promote.
  3. In Topic: UMP testing CT525 crate

    Posted 23 Jan 2018

    View PostKevin 05, on 23 January 2018 - 10:39 AM, said:

    Since no one wants to do a wait break for a V6 on asphalt mods I think this is the way I would lean to try and make sure we didn't over power the rear tires.

    Gavin I have heard no results from the test but have a couple calls into guys down south to see if I can get an update.

    I know the car ran well, but I dont know the implications to rules changes. I also agree with Mike that teching is a big deal, IMCA does a good job of this, I have no experience with UMP. The "blueprinted" crate class that CRA/Jegs and several dirt latemodel series have become is about as far from the intent as you can get.
  4. In Topic: Chili Bowl

    Posted 10 Jan 2018

    Dan probably has as good of a shot as anyone from Michigan has had, and he has some good equipment driving for Sam Hafertepe. He's doing good for his first time racing anything but a sprinter.
  5. In Topic: Liability Waviers

    Posted 19 Dec 2017

    I think everyone missed the key points in this. It's not time for mass hysteria yet.

    1. this was a pre-trial motion to dismiss based on the waiver (meaning that they arent going to throw it out without hearing the trial)
    2. it was dismissed due to the claim of negligence

    Whether you want to admit it or not, you want #2 to happen, imagine if you were to sign a waiver at your local hospital when you go in for a routine procedure... and you come out of it with an unwanted sex change. (negligence)

    No one should worry, insurance companies expect this to happen. If they don't, then they need new legal council.

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