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  1. In Topic: Question on Engine Code

    Posted 25 Apr 2018

    Its not likely that the exhaust leak is to blame...soak them in oil for as long as you can and maybe a reverse drill will screw them out...random misfires are fun. just because the plugs look good doesn't mean anything. They can get chemically coated and other things that cannot be seen but measured on a scope. Check burn time of the plugs if you can,its old but look anyway...
  2. In Topic: Question on Engine Code

    Posted 24 Apr 2018

    Check the intake gaskets for leaks,they leak under high vacuum conditions such as cruise and decel. Does the light ever FLASH? Be glad its a 6 litre since they are not a DOD motor. A partly clogged injector will give similar results. Look at mode 6 data or watch misfire COUNTER rack up misfires cyl by cyl live. A scanner is of little help mostly,people ask for their codes to be checked and when I say pxxx they say what is that. They already knew since their bud or auto zonnies get them the code. They must be expecting maajic instructions to fix it for free....AS I tell people when they ask me THE question......DO you do diagnostics? I just YES, we do.....NEXT come THE question.....Do you charge for it? I say yes and they say just for checking codes,isn't that customer service? I say whats your name,put in my data base and up comes NOTHING....I say but you are not a customer......well I would be maybe if you give me something free that I already have....I then say, why do you expect the SMARTEST guy in the room to work for free? I pay monthly for information about 4 hundred PLUS the cost of a Snappy top line diagnostics platform + updates and other expensive quickly outdated equipment....

    Search for clues is the best advice....coils are rare fix,injectors too unless someone take a probe or power wire to them....clean throttle bore first....spray water with some wiper fluid in it and see if it make a worse misfire there is a good place to look....
  3. In Topic: Asphalt Mods Association

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    Well here we go again,a certain group assigns themselves authority to speak for everyone else. Sounds democratic,if you don't like what we do there must be something wrong with you. We know everything that you do not and if you speak up we will ban you from it.
    Its those SPECIAL little groups that killed tar racing in Michigan and it has been flopping around choking to death ever since. Pitiful car counts most nights and 3 times as many cars parked as racing. Maybe we do not want super mods that suit FEW people who have the already. Go race ICAR or whatever and go broke just leave the rest of us alone.

    Why not let the supers take off a fender and come race with us,since they killed themselves off long ago and some joined the mods and got all the rules changed to suit themselves and then found it was tough to win in a mod and went away.....Never to return.....

    And NOW some just cannot believe that racing a common mod like IMCA is just a fun thing to do....you do not need a ton of motor,money,trick trans,racing hubs and brakes and tube frames or up and over stepped exhaust and turn 9500 rpm.

    No wonder so many quit or went dirt. If these stupid costly rules that benefit a few go installed I will just do dirt. Every night....

    So if those promoters want to hear another side of that story lets ALL have a meeting and have it done by RULES. NO stories,no butting in,no condesending speeches about how a couple relative newbees want to change everything about affordable racing....

    Lets get IMCA back with a bigger claim rule. They have rules designed to permit a regular guy with no grampa,dad or mom paying the bills to be able to be competitive and still feed the kids....

    I see it as those who spent a lot and still cannot win much to get an advantage on the poor working guy....

    There is not even ONE tube frame mods legal at any dirt track I know of so just how can they do that? No race hubs,vented directional rotors,fab lowers or any of that...

    If my daddy or gramp paid for everything I would still not want this to happen. Racing against the same 8 people for another year sounds real exciting,I am sure the line for tickets is forming now.

    Any promoter who wants another opinion is welcome to call me anytime...989-413-0764...There is ANOTHER side of the equation they should hear not just one side....

    OH ya,bigger pay,rules enforced,everyone loves it so much they ALL went belly up and got lots of races cancelled once the promoters found out mods do NOT sell that many tickets in the bleachers......haven't we heard this before. S-P remember,new owner,new way,big pay and all that stuff and the first night I got notta dime for 3rd place but a few got tires and fuel and left the rest of us hanging in the cold for hours.......tired of special people thinking they are so special....
  4. In Topic: Asphalt Mods Association

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    So you want to make rules for me. No one asked the rest of us anything. Where did you get your authority to speak for the rest of us?
  5. In Topic: This message board

    Posted 4 Jan 2018

    I have Firefox and it works fine...

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