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  1. another round

    Posted 25 Oct 2018

    I see some new rules out already and it looks like the same no thought into them rules. One says again,steel type suspension,steel hubs and rotors,but a few lines down there is a rule that 2 piece hubs are ok,not stock type there,but must match original dimensions but I see 12x1.25 rotors that bolt to those safety hubs. Then the poor guy who has 11 inch STOCK dimension rotors attached to his steel stock hub will be down on brakes.....I know, someone say it.....I don't use my brakes anyway so I don't care....skip it,shut up......
    But we have NO stock parts on lots of modified suspensions,aftermarket hubs,rotors,spindles and lower arms and custom rack simulating steering rods and such....no thought there. Well they can expect the same 6 or 8 cars they had and then cry about mods not supporting the track...YOU dumped mods and went with kiss ass cars,who ever kissed ass the most gets their way....and the rest stay home.
    IF they want to get cars some weight should be added to the trick cars....Like 2500 pounds with bumps,custom racing brakes,steering rods and add 50 more if you have over $150 shocks...Angola does. They have b features too....All I see is penalizing legal affordable cars out of competition and then asking why no one supports your track...

    NO mags....still? WHY? Anyone wanna answer that with intelligence and FACTS....I bet not....If not for them we would not have weed wackers and such devices because they would be outlawed for NO known logical provable argument.....Some one take a whack at it...Mags should be mandatory as they do not work well with traction control....AND cheap and reliable....there needs to be some intelligent mechanics advising the rules committee....Worry about evening out the playing field instead of mandating seats and devices and other bullshit that make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside..Is there a defib in the ambulance? Is it really and ambulance with trained licensed medics inside? Do you have the stuff to put out an alky fire of 20 gallons immediately available?
    Are the walls at the exit safe to drive by a 120 mph? Or maybe are they a death trap waiting for someone? Can your safety crew right side and upside down car on fire with fuel running all over.......BET NOT.....and they mandate me to spend money on stuff I am responsible for that is NO danger to them or legally no danger....Suppose someone hit the poorly designed exit head on and get killed, they are going to claim responsibility and pick up the bill for the poor victim? Bet not,they will show the disclaimer they signed when arriving.....

    I wish tracks would improve themselves and leave us economy racers alone after we sign our rights away to sue them.....

    Just sayin......shoot
  2. chance to speak

    Posted 25 Jul 2018

    I see now that spartan is almost dead again there is a new race director. Lets get people with regular mods to speak up and be heard. Our rules have been ignored and changed and ignored in the name of advancing racing so much that there are few cars left. I am sure the 6 or 8 cars at your home track will not be happy because they get paid for top 10 finishes with 8 cars and like it that way. If they were not scared to see 40 or 50 cars every night and not making the show they would be happy to race more and spend less. I know Jeff Parish will listen and consider what we say since he was called in to fix stupid....Some arrogant A$$ will cry like a baby and get arrogant and mean when his special center link,3 piece spindles/brakes are taken away. A 69 chevelle never had 12 inch 8 bolt rotors on the street sold off the sales floor to get groceries. Lets bring back BOTH frame rails,full and complete. NO 4 speed shiftable trans unless its a road race,no lightened steering boxes,no spoiler taller than the roof. Al heads add 50 pounds,more if needed. No external pumps of any kind,more than a 1 inch spacer in wheels not acceptable. A 7200 rpm chip,no new tires qualifying,10 laps minimum to qualify. Must be open wheel if you race open wheels. Lower control arms MUST be from the chassis you are RACING. If you want a ford race one. If you want pinto parts RACE one. Must be able to get out of right side...period...seat belts last many years so just drop that stupid rule. If an owner wants us safe spend money on safer walls,more fire equipment and safety crews. Maybe a certified ambulance. Maybe a 50 gallon barrel of soapy water to fight fires when someone is trapped...

    Everyone has minded our business and ignored their own that we have few cars and many stupid expenses. 50 pound weight break for e-85 of alky like it used to be.....antifreeze ok in dilute amounts since rust forms immediately in water and iron...grandfather out stupid rules and a magneto is fine if you want one.......

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