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  1. ICAR Rules

    Posted 11 May 2018

    Just received an e-mail from a driver/customer showing that ICAR ( I'm assuming the tour) is changing or amending some of there body rules. To me that is not something you do a month or more after your season started.. Just because someone reads between the lines as to how they are in black and white, just isn't right to me.. not that people that bend metal for a living should care it is just $$$$ again out of the racers pocket after they built something all winter long to meet the written rules.. Just like the original Bristol rules I believe said No Windshields,,wonder how long into this week before that get amended once they find out how few cars have preregistered?

    Sorry was just remailed that those are the rules for the Modifieds of Mayhem which is a joint venture now at Bristol.. Still makes me wonder how,why.
  2. WTB

    Posted 26 Mar 2018

    Looking for a Ford 9" for an Asphalt mod..Would prefer aluminum if anyone has one but also will not be that picky.
    PM me here or text pics,price,location to 616-260-3238.
  3. Rules Question

    Posted 23 Feb 2018

    Have a question on rules. Only one right now but many available. IS there any track or series in the Michigan/Ind/Ohio area that actually tech the rule stating that the rear tires must be seem from all angles,, or is this just once again someone cuts/pastes the same old 1980's IMCA stuff.. There isn't a dirt car right now listed on Racing Junk that has the rears tires visible,, and I know there are many asphalt mods that have the LR invisible.. Just wondering before we get to far into bending metal. But I would guess this will be the year that we ALL go by the rules and park people :)
  4. 2018 Rules ???

    Posted 20 Dec 2017

    Seems to me that there are numerous rules changes being made for asphalt mods (if you listen to rumors) Some tracks are going to allow fab front clips,, (But only the Howe,which I don't understand) Some are going to allow fab lowers,,but yet some that are going to allow fab clips say no to fab lowers..Some,if not all are going back to the old weight rule, which might mean some of the older cars that came out of the barn last year will probably go back in instead of spend the money needed to make the lower weight..I also have a question for those that are going to allow fab fronts,, what can I now do with the right side frame rail ?? Can that now be tube?? Most state no wedge or exotic fuel cells (but have yet to hear a good explanation on what that really means.Just seems like everyone wants to run in the own direction and make there car counts theirs only.I'm sure the dirt side has issues as well,, but they aren''t yearly events depending on who runs the state.. Just questions..
  5. rules questions

    Posted 19 Oct 2017

    I have a couple questions on how the rules are written and how to move forward.

    1. The rules claim that I have to run an unaltered right side frame rail..If I run a fab clip can I just use 2x4 ?? Or even 1 3/4" tube.

    2. Along the same section..rules state that the lowers need to be stock,,it also says they have to be steel.. what if I choose a stock clip to use that from the factory has stock aluminum lowers?? They would be stock and matching my production clip.

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    24 Feb 2015 - 15:37
    call me at 260-665-8889
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    21 Jan 2015 - 13:58
    you back to work yet?
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    09 Mar 2014 - 19:01
    Kevin, are the Howe C>O> kits the 5" adapter plates?
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