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  1. In Topic: indoor racing

    Posted 13 Dec 2017

    No race this winter :cry:


    Rochester Hills, Michigan (Tuesday, December 12, 2017): After months of negotiations, Midwest Indoor Racing Series (MIRS) officials and host venue have mutually agreed to postpone a MIRS event for the 2017-18 winter racing season. The Midwest Indoor Racing Series has conducted 16 professional indoor auto racing events with 20 race days indoors since the inaugural event in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, November 3, 2012.

    “Not having an event this winter is incredibly disappointing.” Midwest Indoor Racing Series Director, Scott Menlen stated. “Though this announcement may not be what we all want to hear right now, this mutual decision was made by looking at what is best for all parties involved. We believe postponing the event this year is a move that can be beneficial for the Series long-term.” Menlen explained, “If we are to hold an event, it must be beneficial for the race fans, race teams, venue and sanctioning body. Unfortunately, we were not able to put together a program this year that would have accomplished that.”

    The long time Series Director went on to say, “We aren’t sitting here scratching our heads saying, now what do we do. We have plans moving forward. The ball is in motion and we already have ground work laid. Meetings are scheduled and we are beginning to work on possible events for the 2018-19 winter racing season.”
  2. In Topic: 24-hour enduro at Baer Field

    Posted 12 Dec 2017

    More math!

    If you paid the following purse the payout would be 132K on the entry fees of 250K.

    1 50000
    2 3000
    3 2000
    4 1500
    5-10 1000
    11-100 500
    101-200 200
    201-250 100

    The below payout would be 182,500 of 250K
    1 50000
    2 3000
    3 2000
    4 1500
    5-10 1000
    11-250 500
  3. In Topic: 24-hour enduro at Baer Field

    Posted 11 Dec 2017

    View PostFanInTheStands, on 11 December 2017 - 04:34 PM, said:

    Thinking about it a little -- Baer Field is a half mile. 500 cars on a half mile? Can you say California style traffic jam?

    Used to watch enduro's at Flemington when I was a kid. ~120-130 cars on a 5/8. 500 would be...tight.


    And I know...math is annoying but let's do some.

    Grand Prix/Monte Carlo/Impala roughly 200" long. A half mile is 31,680 inches long. That would be 158 cars nose to tail.

    Those same cars are about 72" wide. I am presuming you can fit them four abreast, because you would need 4 rows to start 500.

    If you started 4 rows of 125, you would have 556 feet (basically a tenth of a mile) until the first car reached the 125th car (presuming you intentionally left a gap instead of spreading out around the whole track). It would take some serious time to create gaps.

    (Also, if they did get 500 cars it would be 250K in entry fees alone)
  4. In Topic: Taking the plunge

    Posted 5 Dec 2017

    View PostSawmill, on 04 December 2017 - 10:46 AM, said:

    That was a bit short wasn't it?
    June of '16 I bought a Flatrock SS....car has been around forever and I'd heard some good things about it. Driver is lacking but getting better and with a lot of help from some experienced people I think we'll have it running top 10 A main this year. (If I can fight the urge to go up in that 3rd lane no one is using!...lol)
    My biggest surprise, aside from the fact that a trailer is harder to find than I thought, is that almost every other driver and team will help and give advice to the new guy! Granted, I went in humble and freely admitted I knew nothing, but the people couldn't be nicer.
    Being on the other side of the fence is definitely a different place.

    Now that is a much better summary, thank you.

    Most people are helpful. You will learn those who aren't quick enough.

    I appreciate your last comment. The perspective gained from "the other side" was surprising to me. I like being able to consider from both the paying side and the entertaining side.

    Good luck next season...
  5. In Topic: Indoor Dirt Nationals

    Posted 4 Dec 2017

    Not sure what happened in the e-main, but he ended up as the last car on the lead lap. Regretfully that was not a qualifying spot...

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