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  1. ROTW In 2018

    Posted 15 Oct 2017

    As most of you are aware, my wife has suffered a series of strokes and is sinking into dementia and just to make it fun, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's as well. I'm not here to cry about it, just giving some of you a chance to do something. Since my income went from $125,000 a year to $11,000 a year, at this point in time, I do not envision a way to do video out of Crystal next year. I've done everything I could do to round up financial help, but with tending to my wife, I'm hamstrung. If the income can't equal the outgo when I consider all the expenses that accompany it, I can't do it. I had to have my own special Internet plan there to run a live video upload and then had to pay people to be there. Before my wife's illness, it wasn't a problem, but I can't do it making only 9% of what we used to make.... but. At this point, I think we will be running an audio stream. I've discussed it and all it would take is a laptop in the tower with a cable off their sound board. All they have to do is start it and it is up and running.

    If anyone from a track would like to do a live audio or video feed, now is the perfect time to talk to us so we can get you set up. There is no charge from me and the bandwidth is from our servers, not yours. If you'd like to do a racing talk show, contact me. It isn't difficult and just like the tracks, the stuff is on me. I can't afford the personal charges such as 'payroll' and the special Internet I had to have. If your track or your home has decent Internet upload, you can do decent video. Decent audio is easy to do on nearly any upload. You can do pre-recorded video or audio and put it in queue to be played when you want it to play.

    Think about it and if this sounds something you want to do, drop me an email at bmoc66@gmail.com
  2. Michigan Muscle In Cuba

    Posted 14 Oct 2017

    If you watch older movies that include time spent in Cuba, you always see a lot of older Detroit Iron. I found this neat article about a couple guys restoring them.

  3. What I Did During My "Summer Vacation

    Posted 12 Oct 2017

    Just as MSTRC was prepping to shut down in February of 2016, I was recovering from a massive heart surgery that included replacing the heart valve I had had replaced back in 2001. It had torn loose and was doing what a lot of people do today - just flop around in the stream of things. I also had a huge aortic aneurysm repaired. You've all seen a radiator hose bubble up and then blow: that is what was going on with my main artery coming off my heart. I was unconscious for several days and spent about twenty three days in the hospital cardiac ICU. Fast forward these seventeen months or so and I feeling so much better than I have felt in at least twenty years, it is ridiculous. Going in for surgery, I was taking about 175 pills a day. Today I take a total of five meds and four major electrolyte supplements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron) and I walk at least a mile or more every day.

    While the way it all happened is difficult to explain, I got a house in the Upper Peninsula for next to nothing and we have 99% completed our move up here. The peace and solitude it affords us has allowed my wife to make a bit of forward progress after her first stroke (for a current total of five now) back in January of 2014. She'll never be the same, but there are days that she is and I'll take those days and remember them.

    I've always been a writer and I finally got around to getting my first book published in November of 2013. Since then, I've published about fourteen more on multiple subjects from 'spooky stories' to serial killers to depression to child abuse to a children's story that my then seven year old grandson helped me write. That book, "Johnny Robot - Space Alien," rose to #22 on Amazon's list of children's books for two weeks. It is also my second best selling audio book. I have five of those out, with a sixth in progress. I don't make monster money doing it, but I make some and more importantly, it keeps my mind busy.

    Since I was a kid, my Dad dragged his kids all over the UP and now that I live here, I'm working on an e-book series I'm titling "Wandering Michigan's Upper Peninsula" and in the series, I'll take photos and videos I've taken as I've visited certain areas and readers of the e-book will be able to see full color photos and videos of the area I'm talking about in that particular story. While I haven't released any of them yet, I'm nearing completion of stories of 'The Might Mac' and the Tahquamenon Falls area (titled "The Tahquamenon Falls and the River Behind It") that will show the very beginning of the river and follow it in photos and video to where it empties into Lake Superior. Oddly enough, the river begins about ten miles from where I live.

    I'm gathering info and photos and video of the various falls and sights around the Munising area, Big Springs (aka "Kitch-iti-kipi"), the forty five mile stretch of US2 that starts at the Bridge and ends at Naubinway. Along that stretch, you can either see or easily hike to Lake Michigan. I have visited these areas many times and am 'interviewing' local DNR and life long residents to get stories that most books or websites don't include. Next summer, I'll be wandering over to Copper Harbor, Isle Royale, the 'Canyon Falls' area, and several other places I have enjoyed. When I lived 'down state,' I had to rent hotel rooms, but now, I can leave in the morning and drive back in the evening.

    Will I get rich doing this? Not likely but it makes me happy and if I feel happy, it makes getting older much more tolerable.

    What have you been doing the past couple years?
  4. Penalty or Not?

    Posted 9 Oct 2017

    I'm not a Johnson fan, but wonder what the rest of you think. Penalty or not?

  5. bigpappy777

    Posted 4 Oct 2017


    I see that you were locked out. I tried to email you but it bounced. Use the "Help Desk" in the
    "Michigan Auto Racing News" or email me at bmoc66@gmail.com and I'll get you in.

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