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  1. In Topic: What is up.

    Posted 31 Aug 2018

    I'll stick my nose in here too, for what it is worth.....

    I believe that ratracer49 should stick his nose in this whenever he wants, because he is making perfect sense and I agree with everything in his post. It is all about money and consistency. Dick is right about tires on asphalt too, it is WAY to expensive, and you go through them like candy at Halloween.

    I still think race tracks should get out of the tire business. Enough of the marriage to one distributor. Let the drivers get whatever tire they want, from whoever they want. Enforce sizes and let em race. Eventually everyone will find their way with tires. Walk through the pits and talk to different drivers and you quickly learn that they all have their own philosophy and strategy on tires. Our pits are already filled with experts!!!!
  2. In Topic: Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 7-27-18

    Posted 3 Aug 2018

    View Postfastbackss, on 31 July 2018 - 09:46 PM, said:

    Archery tournament?

    We expect a report on that too.

    He's good, but his wife is better..........
  3. In Topic: Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 7-27-18

    Posted 28 Jul 2018

    I know I'm biased, but you do a great job Duane. I love the recap. Even though I was sitting right there, I always have a memory bump whenever I read through it.

    Keep up the good work, and please keep posting it here.
  4. In Topic: Mt. Pleasant cancels for July 20

    Posted 18 Jul 2018

    I guess THAT is the explanation.

    I get it, even though the 2 tracks are 60 miles apart. My problem with it I guess is that the race at Merritt wasn't just scheduled a week ago, it's been there since the beginning of the season. Why couldn't of this been figured out way before now, and way before the MARFC folks schedule their night there. Over 40 people from the club made their way to Owosso Speedway last Saturday. How many had to now cancel their plans, and for some of us, motel reservations in the area, because of what feels like a last minute decision.

    Again, I get it. I just have no doubt that this could of been done a LOT better than the way this all happened.

    No worries, I'll find a place to go racing on Friday night!!
  5. In Topic: Erik jones wins at Daytona

    Posted 9 Jul 2018

    First of many!!

    I never thought his first win would come at a restrictor-plate track.

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    Good show tonight!
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    25 Apr 2010 - 14:43
    Sorry to chime in on Mr. Muarer's rant. I can't believe that you put up with his crap. I will never give him any special treatment at any track I ever work. He's a bully and lives to intimidate. If it were me, it would be tough to not take personal after all of the stuff that you ahve overlooked with him! I hope that MSPA would balck-ball him. However, they ...
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    Happy Birthday Ed!
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    thanks thats cool. I owe you one.
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    Happy Birthday
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