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  1. In Topic: Question on Engine Code

    Posted 20 Jul 2018

    And the big question I get daily is"you aren't gonna charge me just for finding the problem are you. ALL you had to do is hook up a code thing and read it". I say a-z already did that didn't they? The stats say what they say and even when I have doubts the stats usually come thru.....
  2. In Topic: Question on Engine Code

    Posted 19 Jul 2018

    My tech buds say a crank relearn is the most common problem there. I have an 02 GM 6.0 and it does the same thing but I haven't checked it out yet. The intake plenum gasket usually leaks cold worse and causes mis-fire but I have seen some flattened gaskets cause problems,usually lean at light throttle under load,cruise type...If you boot it down for a couple seconds it quits for about 10 miles. Its mostly a snow plow truck so I have been goofing off on it...The relearn takes a few minutes is all...out of about @500 reports of p0300,flashing cel,about 80% were relearn cures. A few were valve springs broken......a few other odd things like basic stuff missed by someone like cracked plug,0-2 heater circuit bleed into signal wire and stuff like that...
  3. In Topic: 2018 Modified Car Counts

    Posted 18 Jul 2018

    well the only ones left are mostly the touring cars......after promoters caved in and let tour cars force their rules on us we left.....have a nice day they said,just don't have it here. we do not need regular economical cars for economical racing.....so all those 200 dollar center link cars are all you have left....fancy hubs,late model rotors(no scallops) and expensive steering boxes ,rotors and such stuff and no body rules enforced most of the time. what ya gonna do when NO cars show up? maybe go carts and mini wedges and a mix of supers and street stocks in one race will attrack new fans and racers.....hahahahahaha.....Spartan didn't like my rotors and dixie says I need a new helmet and belts.....car has not been out of the trailer since....8 bolt bolt on rotors are fine but my impala taxi cab rotors are not.....a series of stupid rules and decisions killed most teams....
  4. In Topic: Question on Engine Code

    Posted 14 Jul 2018

    Do the relearn first. It is a common prob my info says...can be caused by oily connector,rust and crud jacking it away from tone ring or damaged reluctor ring notches,your crank is pulled up into the block on decel because of the high vacuum pulling pistons up more causing more gap in the sensor to tone ring causing a fallout of the signal....kinda like a GM speed sensor in a wheel that engages at 3 mph when a jacked up sensor looses its signal intensity...I can watch that and catch that easily tho
    Diagnostics are fun huh?
  5. In Topic: Question on Engine Code

    Posted 14 Jul 2018

    View Postmod911, on 14 July 2018 - 12:20 PM, said:

    Possible.Put in a new one and do a relearn on it FIRST,check for rust jacking of the sensor,. Did you have some one smoke check your intake gaskets? A lean injector may do it since the on time is very short and it will be lean and go away with longer injector pulse.If either the inj or gaskets cause a lean mix it is a problem.. When your light is FLASHING it means your cat is melting down. That is the ONLY reason it flashes. Check your short term fuel trim numbers at 2500 and see what that tells you....check individual injector on times. Watch your 0-2 sensors when light is flashing to see if one bank is lean or both. A bad maf sensor may cause lean running at if it is off or getting un reported air to the PCM...I chase this shit daily and sometimes it is fun....A customer last week said he had cam sensor codes at A-Z and bought all the sensors,cams and crank and had his neighbor kid install them and a day or 2 later it quit and he wanted me to tow it in and check it out for a no start....I told him as I was laughing that he need a new motor now.........he looked puzzled so I asked if it cranked over funny now......he says ya it cranks different now.....good job there I said because his SENSORS were CORRECT,his chains were stretched out and ready to fail and his new sensors said the same code again so he figured the job was botched or sensors were no good again after 10 miles.....lol....it was an aluminum dual overhead Caddy motor....90cents a pound scrap metal now...

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