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Posted 09 January 2016 - 03:03 PM

View PostDouble D, on 09 January 2016 - 03:03 AM, said:

Sorry forgot to mention Mottville, great little facility, no track ever has gone out of there way to help the low dollar racer keep racing more than Merle and Mottville. If it wasnt 170 miles away I would be there every week! Merle is the promoter you all should listen to, because HE listens to his racers.

Thank-you Double D!!I think that is the highest compliment I have ever received in 25 years of owning the historic Mottville Speedway! I really feel most people are not cut out to be race promoters! In 1990 I was an announcer and pr director for the Capital Speedway of Plymouth, working for Tom Ish and I can you everyone loved me!
In October of 1990 I purchased the Mottville Speedway!
Paid a ton of money for it and put a ton of money into it! The very first night we had a great crowd and great car count but the sewage system failed and we had to close the front rest rooms! Afterwards we found out it was a simple problem-the circuit breaker for the sewer system had not been turned on but the damage was done!
Two weeks later and "iffy" weather and I cancelled to a storm of criticism!
Had the SOD sprints and lost more money in one night then I have ever lost in my entire lifetime but for weeks afterwards people talked about all the money I made that night because the crowd was good!
Then the rumors started that I was losing the track!
But I was never behind on track payments ever!
At the end of the first year the former track owner called me and offered to buy the track back but I told him I was a long way from defeated!
Over the years we have lowered expenses to survive.
As a result we are still going strong!
Social media is good and bad! This past season we had a driver die of a heart attack following an accident on the track. Tragic for sure and he was a long time fixture at Mottville and a good friend of mine!
Facebook posts all over blaming the track and myself for his death!
Turns out he had a bad heart and was told he was living on borrowed time and he wanted to go out racing at Mottville!
Obviously we did not know this until it was too late!
So it takes a very tough skin!
I used to coach basketball and baseball and referee and umpire so I have a very tough skin!
But the bottom line is I truly love this sport and I truly love owning and promoting a track and I really feel God has blessed me beyond belief to allow me to do this!

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