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  1. In Topic: Question on Engine Code

    Posted 23 Apr 2018

    View Postratracer49, on 23 April 2018 - 08:33 AM, said:

    This isn't really racing related (unless you count that it's for my tow vehicle) but I have a question on an engine code. I've seen on here in the past some good help from people on daily drives so I thought I'd ask. I have a 2001 Silverado with the 6.0 gas engine. I am getting a P0300 Random Misfire Code. The check engine light seams to trigger mainly when I'm coasting from speed or maintaining speed. I don't notice any actual misfire, at least not enough of one I can discern. My question is, can this code be caused by an exhaust leak? I know I have a leak at the exhaust manifold gasket and was wondering if once I rectify that my misfire code might go away. I guess I'm trying to be lazy and hoping to not have to go through looking for vacuum leaks, checking coils, and checking injectors to track it down.

    An autozone scan will not reveal anything other than what you already know. A P0300. They may give you a list of things it could be, but the bottom line is that code can be triggered by many things. Could be anything from old plugs, bad wires, O2 sensors, even an ECM. It is a pretty large list of things that can trigger that code. If this was my truck, I would start by looking at spark plugs and wires. If they are old, and just do not look good, change em. If they are newer, and look to be in good shape, it may be more cost effective to take it to a trusted shop and let them do some live scanning. They can actually observe most of the sensors, and what they are doing while the vehicle is running to help pin point the issue. Sorry, but this code is probly the worst one to have, just too many variables. Good luck.
  2. In Topic: Owosso 2018 Schedule

    Posted 6 Apr 2018

    It says 2018, but looks to be 2017. Sheesh, they already cancelled May 24 due to rain :mrgreen:
  3. In Topic: In The Age of FB, Is A Website Worth Having?

    Posted 13 Jan 2018

    This place will pick up when we start getting closer to race season. I know it will. To just close a website like this up, and try to revive it, at a different address even, it is going to take time. Race season will help. People like myself, Big Ed, and a few others just need to get things going again. I am honestly just kind of burned out with racing in general right now. But, we will be green flag racing at Spartan Speedway in 103 days from now, so it will not be much longer before we all get the bug again.

    I am growing to hate facebook more every day. If it was not for the pages that I help maintain, I would not be on there any more. I do think an MSTRC facebook page could really help support this site though.
  4. In Topic: Changes at Kazoo

    Posted 28 Dec 2017

    I am a bit surprised this did not happen sooner. When I was with the AVSS back in the mid 2000's, they talked about dropping the sanction back then. I also thought Berlin dropped the sanction a couple years when they had issues with a young racer in the SLM class. But, it just goes to show how much I paid attention the last few years. :???:
  5. In Topic: Tire Test @ Springport

    Posted 15 Dec 2017

    View Postmod911, on 15 December 2017 - 09:33 AM, said:

    Lets try this again,all this testing did was cost me money. No better tire,not longer lasting tire if you want to make the race. Which everyone does now since car counts are poor anyway. You may be able to win a race with 50 laps on your tires starting out but you may not MAKE the race if you do not get new ones if the car count is high.
    I would suggest ELIMINATING qualifying and draw for a heat race spot and earning your starting spot in the feature by RACING for it. Open the tracks up at 5PM,10 laps practice in groups of 10 and that's it. Practice night should be a DIFFERENT night than RACE night....It is unfair for a guy who works till 5PM on Friday and has NO practice to make a show with 40 cars. NO other sport has 4 hours of practice before competing on the same day. RACE day is for RACING.
    I know who will bad mouth me for this post but have fun,my skin is thick and so is my skull so have at it boys and girls.
    This saying "no competitive advantage" should be banned and if you are 4 and 1/8th on a 4 inch rule you should be disqualified and given start pay after the race in tech inspection....PERIOD.... Not whinning about no competitive advantage stuff. If you can get 2.2 tho bearing clearance and a balance to micro grams to turn 9500 you can measure 4 inches and be right......Lets get some traffic going here. All b-s will be called out immediately so do not pull stuff out of your ying-yang and spout it off......

    Actually, I agree with some of this. I think the race day is entirely too long at some places. I will not mention names, but a couple pavement tracks we visited were easy 12 hours days for race teams, and even longer for officials. It is not as bad now, but 8 to 9 hour days are not unheard of. I know most folks on this site would never hear of giving up qualifying, but I do think it should be reserved for special events, or events with features only. Heat races are boring when all the fast cars are in one race, and they mean nothing. A 3 hour program for fans, and a 5 to 6 hour program for teams and officials would be my idea.

    Back on topic, I have no idea what the answer is for tires. If there was a good solution, I am sure someone would have thought of it by now. But, switching tires every few years, and all the tracks being on different tires helps nobody except the tire manufactures. Soaking them is a touchy subject, but you can get more life out of old tires if done correctly. Many teams soak them now anyway. Some teams will still bolt new tires on every race, and soak them from the get go. So again, there is no easy answer there either. let alone some of the health and environmental concerns. I wish I had the answer, i would be a rich man by now. Wait, maybe that is the problem...

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