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Icon   mod911 the phrase"no competitive advantage" killed racing

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  1. In Topic: What is up.

    Posted 6 Aug 2018

    Too much money and way too much time required to be competitive any longer in mods. We had to match the travelers when they wanted to race at our home tracks,IMCA makes travelers match LOCAL rules if they wanna play locally....SO they have many more racers available. All these tracks fight for the same 8 cars....dirt tires last hundreds of laps,not 30 to 50 and scrap them.The winner cannot even break even for the night. I used to race from my right front packet,you racers know that deal.....The money I pay tonight came from my right front pocket,last nights pay,and not my back right pocket. That is where I hide my 40+ hour pay check. I hate to break into that myself. It paid for everything up to the pit gate....if I cannot buy pit passes and maybe 1 or 2 tires a weekend to help out it becomes a divorce court issue.....at least crack heads get free rehab and free drugs while they go thru withdrawal symptoms.....Think race withdrawal is not real......it is. Ask any racer how he feels on Saturday night when momma sold his car to buy food for the kiddies....It is a hard nut to crack....lol....no pun intended...

    Talk to IMCA and make some special deal for tar junkies....affordable rules. Toss all that special front end crap away and get a junk yard spindle and rotor with caliper,$25 at most yards. Toss in a $89 dollar center link and stock pitman and idler arms too. NO under car body work,no front aero nose piece,no fancy curves or wickerbills,straight body with 90* bends and exposed tires. A 7200 chip would be nice. If you win 3 features in a row,add 50 pounds each win after that. Start over every year. Get a well defined no tolerance track width,1 inch spacer at each wheel max,1 piece rotors and hubs. That crap said about "if we can have SAFTEY hubs we would NEVER bolt a 12x1.25 super late rotor on there". We just need be be safe they said. Its all in the archive I am sure. SO they took the lighter narrow chassis,68-72 chevelle, and made it wider with lower arms,spacers and then put super brakes on it....I picked the heavier wider lower chassis for those reasons and then the lighted chassis guys got everything added for SAFETY that made them a super with no fenders.....everyone else parked em.....now its no fun anymore and cost is stupid to win 5 or 6 hundred bucks....
  2. In Topic: chance to speak

    Posted 3 Aug 2018

    Mother nature knows no one want to go backwards even if their survival is at stake. It is easier to let them die and make a new one to begin with. It was listening to these types that drove everyone away. A good start would be the spindle,steering components and brake rules. Take away new tire qualifying and even qualifying at all would be a good step.

    I guess 8 car shows are fine with everyone but the FANS....4 hour shows with 40 cars total for 6 classes is fine I guess....I am riding my Harley tonight instead of going racing. They didn't support me so I won't even buy a ticket as a FAN......cause the show SUCKS.....me and mine will pass on the whole deal. But I am building a new motor,rather Larry Wallace is building it for me.
  3. In Topic: Be the Solution

    Posted 2 Aug 2018

    I hope some common sense comes back....Tar racing suck because you are there soooo long with soooo few cars.....Dirt racing you get there later but stay MUCH later if you even see the whole show....Features should start with in 2 hours of the posted start time....PERIOD....PERIOD...PERIOD....I was at T-C a while ago and left after the mods,12:30 AM and there were more features lined up...Imagine watching 20 movie previews before the start of the show you paid to see.....and some left BEFORE it began...Bet your socks they will rent a movie or get netflicks...
    I am building a new motor right now and the cost is crazy.The pay has changed little in may years and now higher paying races will KILL off racing completely. To compete and have a rats a$$ chance of placing you will need top notch everything and it will attract teams with few limits on spending.Probably 8 tires,50 gallons in the hauler,20 gallons in the racer,hundreds in tickets,food and maybe hotel room if you do not have a livable totter...It sounds good if you do not think it thru as is popular these days. Maybe socialism will provide me with Kenny Wallaces car or one just like it.
    If we had fired the track inspectors for being a complete failure and got Ricky Brooks or his way of thinking things would be better. We might have affordable cars. An iron headed SUPER LATE with slicks that weights 200 pounds lighter than the unlimited cars weigh and run next to them I would have one. Think like this, I have a 70k car with titanium everything not gold plated and bought form the Carolinas and this 30k car is next to me after 50 laps he can go away or be more cost effective. Explain them titanium rods to your wife when a $600 pair of iron ones is nest to ya at the checkered flag.

    This is the only I see to survive as a spectator sport......
  4. In Topic: chance to speak

    Posted 26 Jul 2018

    Ricky Brooks .......help us.....
  5. In Topic: chance to speak

    Posted 26 Jul 2018

    Well most likely those with the good stuff will cry. If you want late model buy one and spend what it takes to win or even find a place to race it. The 68 chevelle frame has NOT changed since they built them. The stock clip and lowers with steering components IS our equal playing field. It is still working for dirt mods. Lots of cars,lots of competition,lots of excitement for the fans and racers. I say the STOCK center link in the STOCK location with stock idler and pitman are what makes racing affordable and fun for the masses. Some cars have rack simulators to give them an advantage over the hanging slightly flexible pitman and idler assemblies. It is cheating your competitors every night. The inner pick up points for them should be in line with a line thru the lower control arm bolts and right into the middle of the inner tie rod end. That is how they were designed and that equals us all out.

    Maybe you were not around when a few broke dick super drivers moved into mods after destroying their class of racing and some promoters said al heads and roller motors were no advantage so shut up or go away,many left then. Some of us got al headed roller motors and joined them,more regular guys left....THEN,after the supers guys ruined us they left also,how many are left now. Very few. Then the tracks said al heads were an advantage and we had to add 100 pounds and 58%left side instead of 60 it has always been. Then tracks knew NOTHING about significant figures and I was booted for being 60.9% on a 60.% rule....they rule was interpreted as being 60.0000000000000 and not 60. BIG difference and they said it was the same. A 8.00 % mortgage is a smaller payment than a 8.9% payment,right. Significant on a 200k loan but not according to spartan....who is crying now? 6 cars and 12 fans in the stands most nights. Not to mention the ABC no class....a bad joke on racers and fans there....

    Seems funny that something is stuck up where it hurts one days and ignored other days.I have seen not one person check the fab frame for lower pick up points or for altered stock clips. Some have admitted cheating them up years ago and think admitting it now is fine but my respect for them is gone. Tell your wife you did her sister after you married her and see how that goes.....all is forgiven since it was years ago....right??

    The 6 cars who do go to the same track weekly think what ever is ok, they need to retire at a young age since they have no sense of history and why things are they way they are. According to them they are younger and know more about things they haven't experienced yet. SO I propose we get the bandelero drivers to make all the rules for everyone since they have no money or skin in the game or bad habits and all the knowledge available to mankind. Maybe new borns are the new leaders according to that theory...

    Lets make it so an iron head 355 can win features buy adding weight to the fancy cars till they cannot compete and see how they feel about that....MAYBE they will say"this is stupid,I spend 50g and get passed by a355 steel motor with stock steering and full frame and that stuff". Maybe he will say I am getting me one of those winning cheaper cars with not much fancy stuff on them AND save a LOT of CASH........divorce rates of racers will go down also....lol....no more divorce cars for sale......

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