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  1. In Topic: State Wide Street Stock Package

    Posted 19 Nov 2018

    hopefully you get a ton of support, and most tracks/drivers in those divisions are able to see the light and follow along..
  2. In Topic: another round

    Posted 1 Nov 2018

    Two quick question Dick, that I'm sure will open up some more discussion.. The NTSA tour for 2017 added weight to the cars and pulled a fair number out of the barns.. so I have to agree with you on that one,, people never should have listened to the whiners with the LW cars that were going to have to add #100 or so to race with them, so they boycotted the tour, which happen to have 30+ cars at both Kazoo and Dixie.
    My question to your weight add idea,, If I run a TCI automatic would you want me to add the #50 as well ?? A TCI is much cheaper than Bert/Brinn/Falcon. I have some other questions/idea I will add at a later time when I get an extra minute.
  3. In Topic: Question for Engine Builders

    Posted 14 Sep 2018

    Dirt or asphalt ?? Class ??
  4. In Topic: Norway Speedway

    Posted 21 Aug 2018

    That sure is a strange looking accident.. Wonder if man or machine didn't break first ?
    RIP Doug Rose one of the true pioneer's of Jet cars.
  5. In Topic: chance to speak

    Posted 2 Aug 2018

    OK been thinking a while before writing this out.. I can say that I truly have not put much time (or at least as much as I should) into rebuilding the car that set in my shop.. the original plan was to have it ready by mid season for Berlin,,but it is now the end of the season and it still is not ready. Part of it is because of all the what if rule changes that people keep throwing out, and the indecision of my own as to which way to go,,so I can truly say that I am part of the low car count problem,,but I don't think I can be the only problem. There seemed to be a lot more cars at the track last year when the weight rule got bumped up,,yes I know there were some that boycotted the year due to it,, but I know the tour races I worked last year had a lot more (older chassis) running..so is going back to a lighter weight rule keeping the older heavier cars away ?? I now that the OLM have gone the way of few and far between,,and I know that the older (True IMCA) cars have as well,, I know I'm going to get it now,but is it time to bring back something like the Thunder Mods (Dick you remember those days) and make it so that they are a true step up from the original IMCA car, and let those that want LW,Fab clip,big motor,purchased parts VS made,big slicks have a place and let the Mod class return closer to it roots and become a stepping stone to this new class?? I know that people will say that this will do nothing but divide things up and will just have two low car count classes,, but tracks like Berlin,AC,Dixie,Owosso and other are only running 8-10 a week as it is.. Let these guys step up a little and let those in the barn come back out to a former rules package that will allow someone that wants to run the way it was and dust off what is in the barn,have fun,and drink a few after come back out to the track?? More cars with the right promoters = more people. More people = more people having fun at the track.

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    call me at 260-665-8889
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    21 Jan 2015 - 13:58
    you back to work yet?
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    09 Mar 2014 - 19:01
    Kevin, are the Howe C>O> kits the 5" adapter plates?
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