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    Kevin 05 Icon

    09 Jun 2015 - 06:59
    Like the certs fro Allstar,chassis from Nester,Bodies from the Wizard,, As well as a quick blurb on who is sponsoring the race and what they do.. I would think a little PR for them would help bring them back next time.. Again just trying to help and not thinking you are getting the most out of Matt to help you in the big picture.
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    Kevin 05 Icon

    09 Jun 2015 - 06:57
    Dave,, I hope you are up for suggestions from outside eyes..I don't know what you pay Matt and it is none of my business,,But I would think you should be able to get him to do more press work for all of the people that are helping you with $$$ and products as well as the sponsors of the races..You might get more local guys to support if they knew about some of the additions ...
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    ICAR Icon

    13 Feb 2015 - 15:06
    wow , no work he must of ran out of guy with big check books lol, no i am going to keep it , make sure you stop by at the trailer when we are racing, you can get under dick skin. tell him you apply for the tech job for me that will get his blood presser up
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    Kevin 05 Icon

    09 Feb 2015 - 15:32
    Dave.. Mr. Senneker and I have parted way due to lack of work in the OLM world(Surprise)and he doesn't want to get back into the mod business.. Are you still thinking about selling the series??
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    Kevin 05 Icon

    22 Jan 2015 - 13:06
    it is not that I can't be back.. I'm working out of my shop right now.. Looks like you have a full season ahead,, congrats on building this thing up like you have.. that was what Anita and I had hoped to do when we tried to buy it from Jim
  6. Photo

    Kevin 05 Icon

    22 Jan 2015 - 10:12
    No things are slow at TR I had a bunch of work scheduled for them before I left and they go it all done plus some.. hopefully by the end of the month.. so I'm doing body work at my shop and poking Dick from time to time.
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