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  1. In Topic: 2nd Annual Hot Shoe 100

    Posted 8 Aug 2018

    Practice starts tomorrow.

    Will be curious how many show up for the astounding purse (10K to win, 1K to start). We always say we want good paying races - this one exceeds it. Not to mention it is great for the community and raises a bunch of money for charity.

    Any guesses on car count?

    (I'll keep my comments on the format quiet until after the race...)
  2. In Topic: Be the Solution

    Posted 1 Aug 2018

    Educate me, wise ones.

    Why does seemingly every track out here run time trials...for every show?

    I hope the answer isn't "there aren't enough cars that compete regularly to appropriately handicap."

    Because personally I think there are more work-arounds to that versus when driver sandbags to get a better invert position.
  3. In Topic: Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 7-27-18

    Posted 31 Jul 2018

    Archery tournament?

    We expect a report on that too.
  4. In Topic: Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 7-27-18

    Posted 29 Jul 2018

    Duane's write-ups are great.

    Not only that, they are timely.
  5. In Topic: chance to speak

    Posted 27 Jul 2018


    Obviously you could teach a master class in this with the history you have.

    Given my relative newness to the class I will not (at this time) delve into some of the technical aspects. But I will add one “comment string.”

    We have discussed with frequency on this board that there are cars sitting, because the rules have evolved so much and they are obsolete. I know yours is sitting. There are others. But I say with respect that I am not sure we truly know the gravity of how many are parked (and more precisely how many would come back out if the rules did change). We would almost need to create a “master list” of cars in the area and try to populate it.

    With that preface, I have heard varying rumblings of creating a “dialed back” rules class. My concern (and I have just as much data for it as I do for the master list I said above) is that we fracture things further. There are only a handful of healthy tracks right now, and I would contend that many that are perceived healthy are using a recency bias (healthy compared to others now, not compared to how things used to be). I know some tracks outside of our area have started to add a “more restricted” rules class to bring closer to how it used to be.

    But that is why I asked my comment in the other thread about balancing it via weight*. I feel like that is the best way to do things if we truly want to increase car counts, and do it immediately. Another option would be to create a rule set A and a rule set B. You could have the cars run together but score them separately. I know there would be lots of grumbling, but frankly…there always is.


    *I spent 2017 road racing, in a division that was going through a very similar transition as the modifieds are. The “new” formula was making the old formula obsolete. So cars are parked (theoretically) in spades, and the turnout for races was apathetic. One of the few groups to be successful with the class was a regional group that decided to add 50 lbs. of ballast to the “new” formula cars. It takes away the perceived advantage and car count has been increasingly dramatically.

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