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  1. In Topic: Front Screw Jack (Cost Driver or Just Continence)

    Posted 18 Sep 2018

    That is my though on the subject also. I'm not sure the justification for tracks that don't allow them but still allow racing springs, shims, and screw cups. If there is one I'd like to hear what it is. I'm always willing to be convinced if the reasons are valid.

    Also just noticed spell check got me on the title with continence rather than convenience and I can't edit the title (or don't know how). This has nothing to do with wetting your pants. Guess I need to be a little more thorough with proof reading.
  2. In Topic: Question for Engine Builders

    Posted 14 Sep 2018

    Does it really matter? Not being a smart-ass seriously asking. I understand that the actual cost would be different depending on the rules. However I am mainly thinking that the cost jumps would be due to rotating assembly upgrades required, but I'm not an engine builder so I my be overlooking things that is why I asked. I was kind of thinking along the lines of up to X RPM stock components can be used, then at Y RPM you need extra machining and balancing, then at Z RPM you have to upgrade to high end components. I may be over simplifying.

    To narrow it down what I am trying to use this info for at this time would be a stock iron block, iron head, stock car type motor. It would also be a dirt. Does the surface really matter if the engine is seeing the same RPM?
  3. In Topic: What is up.

    Posted 30 Aug 2018

    Once again I'm going to stick my nose in where it doesn't belong so feel free to ignore an outsider’s opinion. My only firsthand experience is on the dirt side but I feel many of the general principals still apply.

    The number one deciding factor if someone races, at what level, and how often?

    Sing it with the O'Jays.

    Money money money money MONEY

    So just a few thoughts on cost.

    1) Budget Minded Rules (As cost goes up cars go down in ANY class)

    If you price the average racer out of the sport you end up with dwindling car counts. IMO you only need one “premier” class at a track and keep the others as affordable as possible. I know these budget classes get looked down on by “real” racers, but they are the life of the track. You want proof just look at Crystal Motor Speedway. I keep seeing headlines of 140+ cars at the track in one night and the stands packed. Every one of their classes are on the “budget” end of the spectrum, you know the ones looked down on as junk classes. While in each class there are those that still are trying to buy the best of everything and have some really nice equipment, the fields are filled out with the guys just getting by on their racing budget. They have no real exaptation of going out and dominating the field every night, but are filled with the hope of that one good night everything comes together for them and they beat those big spenders.

    2) Consistent Rules (Change cost money driving counts down)

    No matter what rules you have there are always going to be those in each class that are going to try and spend their way to the top. They are also the ones constantly campaigning for adjustments to the rules for an endless list of excuses. These changes cost everyone money that drive out racers. The guys pushing the rule changes don’t mind, they’re already trying to spend their way to the top, but the guys that can’t afford it just don’t come. Instead of adding more technology and associated cost to the class they’re in racers should be moving to another class not forcing change on everyone else.

    3) Quite Chasing Cars (Build cars don’t get cars)

    This goes along with consistency, but seems to be one of the major causes of inconsistency. Tracks need to quit changing rules to “get” cars. Consistent rules build cars and those are the base of a tracks car count. (Keep in mind it takes time to build cars so a few weeks of consistency isn’t going to do it.) Very few racers race multiple tracks every week compared to the ones that race one home track and occasionally travel. It’s nice to have the big names come in for special shows, but don’t change your weekly rules thinking they will be there every week. Even if you manage to win the favor of these travelers they’re not going to be there every week. Why make concessions for these part time racers (part time at one track) just to cost your regulars more and drive them off? Even if you get 4 or 5 cars to show up a few times in the year what have you gained when at first lose 2-3 from every night then the next couple from every night and so on until the class is dead. Keep your local loyal drivers happy the part timers are not helping your track and are just as willing to pick up and leave if you don’t cave to them on the next concession.

    To sum up my rant I still have go back to consistency. I’ve always said that I don’t really care what the rules are as long as they stay the same and are enforced equally. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and money making changes for new rules when that could be applied to making improvements instead.
  4. In Topic: Kyle Busch

    Posted 20 Aug 2018

    I haven't seen this thread pop up for awhile so thought it was time. Kyle looks to be making friends again. I have seen this story spun both ways and honestly I'm sure there's more to it than shown in the video. However I'll leave this here for comment.

  5. In Topic: chance to speak

    Posted 3 Aug 2018

    I don't really have a dog in the fight when it comes to the asphalt side. However I'll throw some thoughts out there to maybe help spur discussion.

    First off consistency, consistency, consistency. Just in case you didn't catch that, keep things consistent. Now there are classes that are too far gone from years of inconsistency that keeping the them same now is too late and basically you're starting over. However constant changes to the rules; to allow more cars in, to improve competition, or (my favorite) to save racers money cost everyone more and drives racers out. This has the biggest effect on the hobby racer that is a big part of the field. There are die hard racers that are going to be there no matter the rules and they will encourage the changes. They would still be racing (and whining) under the old rules along with the hobby guys and they are what you have left now racing (and still whining) under the new rules but without the hobby guys. I've always said I don't care what the rules are as long as they stay the same and are enforced. I may not like some of them, but I can adapt and overcome if I know the rules.

    From my observation the classes in the state that have the best car counts are the ones that are running under a national sanction. Why is that? My opinion is that it's because it's sanctioned but because it takes the rules out of the tracks hands and they can't change them yearly or multiple times a year in some cases. Also if you run that class you know the rules are the same at any track you go to. Then there are a few that seam to be doing well by copying the rules of a national sanction and just not requiring the licencing or licenced parts (drawing on the good number of cars that already fit these rules).

    This lack of consistency is the reason as a hobby racer my street stock is sitting in the shop. I built this car myself back when there were 4 or 5 tracks that all got together decided to run the same rules. It cost me $3000 and a lot of time fabricating my own parts to complete the roller. I dropped a $1200 motor in it went out and had a blast. The car was competitive and I even won a few races.

    Then people had a better idea and started tweaking the rules to get a couple more cars, save the racers money, or whatever excuses. The rules started changing or just not being enforced and eventually tracks went their own way again. So frustrated with all this money I was saving having to change things constantly and watching anything goes policies take over enforcement the car sat in the shop a couple years.

    After this time I just couldn't take not getting out there any longer and it appeared that the rules might be settling in again. So I spent a few hundred dollars and a fair amount of time to update the car to the new rules. While there were a few things sliding under the radar (there always are) they stayed fairly consistent for awhile and had moderate enforcement. Once again I was having fun and grinning from ear to ear under my helmet as I passed the same guys who had previously been barging about their new power plant or chassis that cost 3 to 4 times my whole car by itself. One of those years I only had 4 finishes outside the top 3 and 3 of those were a top 5. Then the cycle started again and guess where the car sits.

    That is what brings me to where I am now, in an IMCA (I know its a curse word to some) modified. Luckily I had a 12 year old no name chassis sitting around otherwise I'd just be watching again. However I know the rules are going to be consistent. I also know I don't have the equipment to expect to win any races in this division and don't have a clue what I'm doing with the car (yet). However I'm not wasting money chasing rules and what improvements I do make are not going to be thrown out the window next year or next week. And while I started out the year looking like an idiot that probably couldn't even spell race car let alone drive one, I have been learning and making improvements. It's far later in the year then I hoped, but the car is getting better and I don't feel like I've spent the last 10 minutes wrestling a six armed orangutan coming off the track. Hopefully things keep improving and as I work my way up in the ranks of cars I'm passing that grin starts getting bigger again.

    Sorry I rambled a bit more than I intended.

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    You guys get paid 100 to start for sportsman? Wow! I blew there doors off at the Woodtic 100 up at Merritt Speedway - they paid me 125 could not believe it that was a joke- no more season pass for myself and crew
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