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Topics I've Started

  1. State Wide Street Stock Package

    Posted 19 Nov 2018

    This is a new project I've been working to try and help promote the class I feel is the base the racing program. While there are a few who start right out in the upper divisions most gt their feet wet in the street/hobby stock type class and progress from there.

    Currently there are 9 tracks in Michigan that based on their 2018 posted rules run a class that would allow drivers to participate in this program. It was quite enlightening how close these tracks were to the same posted rules and the MSCRA rules package was designed to allow the drivers at all these tracks to participate while running under the current track format. Hopefully interest in this program continues to grow and can benefit both the racers and tracks.

    Tracks that would qualify under their current class

    Crystal Motor Speedway (Street Stock)
    I-96 Speedway (Street Stock)
    Merritt Speedway (Factory Stock)
    Mid-Michigan Raceway Park (Street Stock)
    Mt. Pleasant Speedway (Hobby Stock)
    Silver Bullet Speedway (Street Stock)
    Thunderbird Raceway (Factory Stock)
    Tri-City Motor Speedway (Street Stock)
    Winston Speedway (Bombers)

    There are also a few other classes that are very close to meeting these rules with only a couple areas being a little more open. The intent is that drivers could still sign up for MSCRA points. As long as they followed MSCRA rules they would still be legal at their track and be able to earn state points.

    Check out the website for more information.

    MSCRA Home Page
  2. Front Screw Jack (Cost Driver or Just Continence)

    Posted 17 Sep 2018

    Not that I'm getting a lot of responses to these questions but I'm going to keep adding them. I of course have my own opinions on these but am looking for others to either support or change my mind.

    What are others' opinions based on a cost saving measure rather or not to allow front screw jacks on a street stock type class of car (once again this is dirt but not sure why that would matter in this case)? Given the option of allowing front screw jacks vs no screw jacks but allow shims and screw cups.
  3. Question for Engine Builders

    Posted 14 Sep 2018

    At what RPM limit would you say the cost of building a motor really starts to make a jump? Not looking a F1 type stuff here, just for motors used for short track racing. Maybe there's more then one step but where are the point that component or build cost hit the next level.
  4. Michigan Dirt Street Stock Rules

    Posted 13 Sep 2018

    I'm doing a little research and working on reviving a little project I had started on a few years back and was hoping for some incite. What can anyone tell me about the "Michigan Dirt Street Stock Rules". I posted the header off the rules below and is states a number of tracks they are approved for and had a couple of questions.

    Michigan Dirt Street Stock Rules 2018 Season Updated November 2017

    The following rules have been approved for racing at the following Michigan Dirt tracks: Crystal Motor Speedway, I-96 Speedway, Merrit Speedway, Mid-Michigan Raceway Park, Silver Bullet Speedway, Thunderbird Raceway, Tri-City Motor Speedway and Winston Speedway (Each track may have different engine claim rules.)

    1) How many tracks are actually using them?

    2) Is this the evolution of the set of rules that a number of tracks got together to create a few years ago and is there a group responsible for them or just a collaboration of the track owners?

    At this point I'm at the planning stage and want to make sure I know the right people to get in contact with.

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    crankin cor Icon

    04 Sep 2010 - 11:24
    You guys get paid 100 to start for sportsman? Wow! I blew there doors off at the Woodtic 100 up at Merritt Speedway - they paid me 125 could not believe it that was a joke- no more season pass for myself and crew
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