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  1. In Topic: UMP testing CT525 crate

    Posted 23 Jan 2018

    Since no one wants to do a wait break for a V6 on asphalt mods I think this is the way I would lean to try and make sure we didn't over power the rear tires.

    Gavin I have heard no results from the test but have a couple calls into guys down south to see if I can get an update.
  2. In Topic: Asphalt Mods Association

    Posted 10 Jan 2018

    I just wish people were more up front with what they are doing or plan to do.. Not everyone does Facebook or Twitter.. But this site would be a great place to let those that don't know the plan in case they happen to be putting a new car together, or rebuilding so they new they even stood a chance in Hell of making it thru tech, or how far they were going to have to travel this summer to support a new series that they hope to grow.. It is really hard to support something you know nothing about.
  3. In Topic: Chili Bowl

    Posted 10 Jan 2018

    As much as I would love to see someone from Michigan or someone in a Stewart Chassis,, it is truly hard to bet against Mr. Bell or Mr. Larson.. I'm not sure when (if ever) there was a Michigan driver in the Saturday night show, either "B " or "A".. But it still is a great winter adventure.
  4. In Topic: Asphalt Mods Association

    Posted 4 Jan 2018

    So do you know if the plan is to only communicate thru Facebook ?? Hopefully they will add something else for the old school people.
    Sounds like a great idea,,can't wait to see what changes/additions/corrections to the old way they have made.. Hopefully this will unite most of the Michigan tracks..
  5. In Topic: Ron Flinn Nominated

    Posted 3 Jan 2018

    One of the best guys in this business,, Grew up with Ron,brother Roger and raced a lot with Bob back in the Ionia Fairgrounds era, before they moved out to Clark's.. Still remember the big race that was supposed to be held at Clark's but for some reason Steve tried to screw the Brother's Flinn.. Moved that race to the Fairgrounds in just two day and the Champion Motor Homes 100 was a huge success,, with driver from as far away as Tuscon (Bill Cheesebough) Joe Ruttman and a huge contingent of USAC drivers.. My vote would be hands down for Ron..Everyone in the area should e-mail the IMCA office.

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    24 Feb 2015 - 15:37
    call me at 260-665-8889
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    21 Jan 2015 - 13:58
    you back to work yet?
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    09 Mar 2014 - 19:01
    Kevin, are the Howe C>O> kits the 5" adapter plates?
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