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  1. Asphalt tracks & Tires

    Posted 29 Nov 2017

    So Verwayne has asked us to post a little more often to help get the word out and get more traffic flowing here at our new home. It got me thinking about all the different columns I wrote over the years, and the topics I brought up and how they were debated. Most of the debating never happened here at the MSTRC, so I thought from time to time this off season, I'd go back into my old files and post some of my old columns for open discussion here on our club. The first one that came to mind was a column I wrote on May 1st, 2014 for the Michigan Racing Scene. I copied it and nothing has been edited from it's original version. Give it a read, and give an opinion, that's what this place is for.

    The ďINĒ Crowd

    Howdy Racefans!!!

    Iíve been pretty fortunate throughout my life to be in a position to have met a lot of different drivers at a lot of different race tracks. Iíve seen some act professional and courteous, and some, not so much. Drivers usually wear their emotions on their sleeves, kinda like yours truly. So you donít have to try and figure out what may be bothering them. In the racing arena, the pit area specifically, drivers have a one track mind. They are looking for ways to go faster. Whether it is springs, shocks, tires, engine, even aerodynamics. They are in need of speed. And their disposition about their plight is the very last thing on their minds. This is what they live for. Not only to race, but to win. And to win, for the most part, you must be fast, faster than the competition. While Iíve named a few ways they do that, there are many more. But for today, Iím going to focus on one aspect of that, tires.

    So for purposes of this column, Iím staying on the asphalt. The tire situation on dirt is nothing like it is on asphalt. It doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out that tires wear more on asphalt as compared to dirt. So when walking through a pit area before qualifying you see almost every driver or crew member measuring tires, looking them over, treating them like they may be one of their children. By that, I mean that they show great concern about every possible aspect of that tire. It kind of freaks me out a little when I get brave enough to ask, or question a driver on some aspect of one of their tires and they go on a roll talking endlessly about numerous things that I canít begin to understand. Whoa!! I thought I knew a thing or two about tires. Ha!! I know nothing!!! In our pit areas we have bonafide experts who know all about the use and abuse of rubber. So when I think about that fact, I also wonder why do we have such a problem in our sport with tires? If all these different drivers, in different divisions, have all this knowledge about tires, and different views on which tire is better, and how to make it work best, and last the longest, then whatís the problem?? And what the hell is any promoter doing in the tire business?

    Iíll tell you why, they were forced into it a long, long time ago. Once that happened, nothing has seemed to really change, except for the companies providing the tires, and the type of quality you receive from that product, and prices they charge you to buy them. Tires have become one of the most expensive items any asphalt racers must endure to participate competitively. Ask any one of them. Iíve listened to drivers tell me how they cannot go to certain races because they just canít flat out afford the tires. To me, thatís practically criminal. It makes no sense. So how do we fix this?

    This question has been asked for decades. And to this day, we have no answer. We keep doing the same thing over and over again, with the same result. (the definition of insanity!) Even though most donít like it, it is the best we have so we just keep paying the tire bill. I think this cost us racers, I know it does. Maybe we should experiment with some outside of the box thinking.

    I think race tracks and promoters should get out of the tire business. They make very little on the sale of a tire, and take on all the responsibility of that tireís manufacturer. Who do the drivers go to first when there is a tire issue? The one who sold it to them. Storing and selling tires are one of the promoterís biggest pains in the butt. And tires are one of the driverís biggest grievances and issue. So let the drivers go get their own tires, and adjust your tracks tires rules to size and a few other must have regulations. But for the most part, get the promoter out of the tire business and put that responsibility on the race team and driver.

    Some of you are laughing at me real hard right now. Its ok, I understand. A lot will feel this will increase the price of tires because everyone will have to have the tire that the fast guy had last week. Probably so. But eventually, all will catch on, and all will equal out. How many different tire stores are there in your community? Man, could a lot of sponsorship situations arise from this factor alone. This isnít some long thought out idea from me. It is just something I think will eventually have to happen to local short track racing. Maybe not series racing, but local divisions at the local short track level, there will have to be some change or no one will be able to afford to buy tires to race anymore, itís happening already.

    I donít have all the answers, but all of us have ideas. Iím just fortunate enough to be able to write out my ideas to all you great folks. Support me or shoot me down on my tire idea. Let Terry know, or let me know through my e-mail, gb48507@yahoo.com. I welcome your input!!

    Thatís the word from The ďINĒ Crowd!!
  2. Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club

    Posted 12 Oct 2017

    Saturday October 14, 2017! This is our first fall general meeting and our cheer raffle drawing will be held at Papioís Food & Spirits, 2280 S. Reese Rd., Reese, and Mi. 48757. This will be a Saturday afternoon meeting and will be getting started at 3:00 pm. We will be drawing our MARFC Raffle winners at this meeting.

    Directions are take I-75 from the north or south to exit 151 (M-81 E). Take M-81 east 9.3 miles to S. Reese Rd. and turn right (South) to 2280 Reese Rd.

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    25 Apr 2010 - 14:43
    Sorry to chime in on Mr. Muarer's rant. I can't believe that you put up with his crap. I will never give him any special treatment at any track I ever work. He's a bully and lives to intimidate. If it were me, it would be tough to not take personal after all of the stuff that you ahve overlooked with him! I hope that MSPA would balck-ball him. However, they ...
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