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Topics I've Started

  1. Ionia Swap Meet

    Posted 26 Sep 2018

    Does anyone know the date ?
  2. Best Race of the Year

    Posted 29 Aug 2018

    The Best race of the Year is at Kalamazoo this Saturday night. The Call of the Wild.
  3. For sale or trade

    Posted 9 Aug 2018

    Have a fresh uncut Impala clip.. Would like to trade for a Chevelle in most any stage or it is for sale.


    or klincoln@monroeproducts.com
  4. What is up.

    Posted 6 Aug 2018

    I'm sure there must be a handful of reasons but just looking for racers feedback so that maybe 2019 could be a better place for Mods.I will start by saying that mine is still in garage due to work load and t ruefully a lot of bickering among tracks on rules and not feeling good about what way to go. However this last weekend Berlin has 10,,Winchester has 9 but Angola has 27..great for Angola as they must be doing something well,, but places like Berlin and worse yet Winchester having less than 10 is very sad.. Would love to hear what Angola is doing to get or keep people, but also why are iconic track like the other two not getting fields like that.. Is it speed,rules, payouts,,are people tired of how the tour is run?? Winchester which run them on a limited basis I would think should pack the place,, they surely use to.. and I know that Berlin is a fendered house but in the past they have had much larger fields for weekly shows and 20+ for specials or tour shows.. Are more guys going to/or back to dirt for the cost or rules being closer at most anyplace you go.I know that Dick feel it is rules,, or not everyone on the same playing field,, but is that all it is ?? Seems like it should be any easier fix if that is all.

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Touring series champion
60 years old
May 1, 1959
Dorr Mi.

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    ICAR Icon

    24 Feb 2015 - 15:37
    call me at 260-665-8889
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    21 Jan 2015 - 13:58
    you back to work yet?
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    09 Mar 2014 - 19:01
    Kevin, are the Howe C>O> kits the 5" adapter plates?
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